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  1. HappyBunny2013

    HappyBunny2013 Full Member

    Hi all,

    I'm over from slim and save because my doctor will not allow me to continue as it is causing me kidney problems.
    I'm scared and untrusting of myself. As of this morning I'm 17st 3lbs, I started at 20st 5lb back in November.

    I'm going to use my remaining S&S products on my fasting days which I think will be really handy as I actually really love them.

    I have the book, I'll start reading it tonight. I'm going on holidays with my little girl in 5 weeks and had so hoped to make it into my holiday clothes (mostly size 16 when I'm currently a 20 so that's clearly not going to happen but hey hopefully at some stage during the summer)

    I need to get positive about this, if anyone can fast it's me after years and years of on and off vlcds. It's binging I'm really worried about so I'll probably use myfitnesspal on non fast days :)
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  3. HappyBunny2013

    HappyBunny2013 Full Member

    Fast 1 almost done and I'm feeling pretty good.
    I met my friend for lunch so I had a medium salad which worked out at just under 500cals, definitely would have preferred to have an evening meal but I do like that this way of eating can fit in with my life what ever plans I have.

    Having a very nice cup of blackcurrent herbal tea now and looking forward to being able to eat tomorrow. With so many years of vlcds under my belt I'm honestly not really used to eating "normally". I'm craving some carrot mash with gravy and maybe some breaded fish and coleslaw. I'll log everything in mfp tomorrow to make sure I don't go too mad!

    I'm meeting another friend and his son tomorrow, I haven't seen him in yeeeears we used to live together. Usually I'd cancel because I'm "too fat" but I'm absolutely sick of waiting to be a certain weight to live my life and life has gotten so much better since I decided this :D
  4. HappyBunny2013

    HappyBunny2013 Full Member

    Wow non fast day and I can have "what I like" and yet the urge to go mad isn't there. Yet anyway. This is definitely good!
  5. HappyBunny2013

    HappyBunny2013 Full Member

    Non fast day finishing on 1982 cals.

    Fast day tomorrow before the weekend off :D
  6. HappyBunny2013

    HappyBunny2013 Full Member

    I've eaten an absolutely ridiculous amount of calories :eek:
    Honestly, obscene!!

    Meeting a friend for dinner and drinks tomorrow but will try to stick to a reasonable number of calories then fast on Sunday and Monday!
  7. HappyBunny2013

    HappyBunny2013 Full Member

    Had an amazing weekend out with friends. I didn't even calculate calories but I've just weighed this morning and I'm a pound down from when I started :eek:
    that sounds like nothing, I know but I'm so used to vlcds and putting on the guts of a stone after a break/cheat!

    Fasting today, Wednesday and Friday.
    Doing two lots of Davina fit in 15.

    Feeling quite positive.
  8. HappyBunny2013

    HappyBunny2013 Full Member

    Grrr finished on 1136 cals :banghead:
  9. HappyBunny2013

    HappyBunny2013 Full Member

    4 weeks today until my holiday, really need to get my arse in gear!!
  10. HappyBunny2013

    HappyBunny2013 Full Member

    Twelve days ago I started this at 17st 3lbs and this morning I weighed in at 16st 10lbs :D

    I'm absolutely thrilled!! I haven't been absolutely amazing amazing with my fast days but have been calorie counting every day on mfp and the difference it's making is unbelievable!!
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    Well done! Fab loss!

    I've just introduced a cheat day because I think the odd occasion of eating lots is good for motivation and metabolism. It means I tend to eat healthier on my other non fast days :)

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  12. HappyBunny2013

    HappyBunny2013 Full Member

    So it's just over a month since I started the 5:2 and before I go into results let me say, I haven't been an angel at all at all. I'm off on my holidays on Tuesday and kind of got into holiday mode a bit early and couldn't seem to manage a fast and some days came up to ridiculously high calories (seriously, whatever you're thinking of as high, double it) BUT I have logged every single morsel I've put in my mouth (much as it pained me to do in the midst of a binge) on myfitnesspal.
    I pretty much did no exercise bar the first few days at the beginning of this diary and the past few days.

    I've lost 9lbs in the month which I'm really happy about considering my far from angel status but I'm also really positive about this way of life. I'm back in the swing now and having successful fast days and enjoying exercise and seeing the change it's making to my body/mind. In all, since the end of November I'm 3lbs shy of 4st lost! :D

    It was a magical feeling trying on holiday clothes the other day, usually this type of thing makes me want to cancel the holiday/event but I looked at some of the size 20s (which usually never fit before) and thought nah they look too big, so brought in mostly size 18s and some of THEM were a little too big! Not enough to warrant the next size down mind but soon!
  13. gleggers

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    That's fab - well done. It's good to know that it works as it's weigh in day for me of my first week tomorrow and having not fasted since thurs I feel like I may not have lost x
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