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  1. Zenaworrier

    Zenaworrier Back to reality!

    Hi guys,

    I am back (well sorta, I never stopped reading just stopped posting!)

    I need to get back to it. I have put all of my weight back on plus some :( . I had three goals at the beginning of the year- 1, Move house, 2, Get divorced and 3, Lose weight. Have done the first 2 now just need to get the weight off!

    Not really sure which route to go down. I don't want to do a VLCD because I know I won't be able to stick to it! My mum has done slimming world and has done well with that but I also did a bit of ww and I enjoyed it. But ultimatly I know I need to get moving and exercising again. Going to start running again (if the weather ever picks up) and now I live nice and close to work I walk that every day.

    In the meantime while I make up my mind what diet to do I will post my food and exercise here!

    Big hugs to you all x
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  3. RetailChick

    RetailChick 2 Years Maintaining :)

    Hi doll!! :D So good to see you back!

    You're divorced???? I'd no idea :( Hope you are ok xxx

    WW is very good I thought, how much are you hoping to lose? xx
  4. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    Good to see you back!
  5. Zenaworrier

    Zenaworrier Back to reality!

    Yep Emma (well in the process). Things for his family back in Pakistan aren't good, his dad is getting old so N has decided to move back there and is taking over the family business. It is too dangerous for me and would put his families life in danger me being there so that is the end of that. Very sad but enjoying the single life atm :)

    I have about 3 stone to lose. I am leaning towards slimming world atm because I want to learn how to eat healthily and properly and I feel sometimes with ww it is to easy just to use their products rather than cooking from scratch. Or I might just cut out eating rubbish and exercise more! How is Darcy now? Still teething?
  6. RetailChick

    RetailChick 2 Years Maintaining :)

    Well I'm really sorry to hear that hun, I hope you are ok xxx

    I actually agree about WW but I know nothing of slimming world. At the moment I am just "eating clean" no processed food, sugar etc it works so go for it babe. I joined a gym for the first time in my life and I love it but walking is excellent exercise keep it up.

    Darcy is much better thanks hun, she is still teething but her cold/runny nose etc is going that is what was affecting her more as she kept waking herself up thinking she couldnt breath :( bless her! She was never grumpy once though we are so lucky with her, she is such a pet xx
  7. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    Hi T! Sorry to hear your news, hope you're ok. Nice to see you back though and best of luck xx
  8. Zenaworrier

    Zenaworrier Back to reality!

    Ok so I think I have made up my mind! Going to do JUDDD with slimming world principles - eating lots of fruit and veg and home cooking. Also dusted off my kettle bell last night and did a 20 min workout video from youtube. My arms are really flabby atm so want to sort those out first. So it says Normal days I need 2267 and down days 453 with 20% weight lose mode. Going to round it up and down so it is 2200 on up days and 500 on down days just so it is easier to remember!
    Off to Tescos now to stock up!
  9. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    Sounds like a plan :) Look forward to seeing how you get on x
  10. Zenaworrier

    Zenaworrier Back to reality!

    Ok so starting at 84.6 KG. Going to do 600 on down days and 2000 on up days as I think that is going to be managebale for me. Starting with an up day today.
  11. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    Best of luck :) are you going to keep a food diary here? X
  12. Zenaworrier

    Zenaworrier Back to reality!

    I am indeed.

    Feels like I ate loads today. Trying to use up all the food in the house so I can buy more diet friendly stuff. Slighty under on cals but not going to eat for the sake of it.

    B- Muller rice 203
    S- 3 two finger kit kats over the course of the day (stressful day at work!) 315 and packet of quavers 88, 2 hots chocs 136
    L- Uncle Ben sweet and sour rice pot 360.
    D- Beef stew and dumplings 395, apple crumble 217 and custard 135

    Total 1849.

    Feel so stuffed kinda looking forward to my down day tomorrow!
  13. Foo Fan

    Foo Fan Gold Member

    Hi hun. Nice to see ur back - good luck with juddd x
  14. Zenaworrier

    Zenaworrier Back to reality!

    OK so today went a bit wrong so an inbetweeny day. Lessons learnt!

    B- Oat so simple golden syrup 210
    S- Hot choc 70 and 2 finger kit kat 105, suger free jelly 10 (didn't like it :( )
    L- Quavers 88
    S- Hot choc 70 and 2 finger kit kat 105
    D- Quorn cottage pie yuck :( 366 choco mousse to get rid of the taste! 80.

    Total: 1,203

    So lessons learnt:

    Plan better!
    Find more filling lower cal foods.
    Don't buy jelly or cottage pie again.
    Not speak to silly customers who drive you to chocolate (ok so don't really have a choice with that one but shouldn't let it get to me so much!)
    It is ok to be hungry. I am not going to die!

    Here's to an up day tomorrow!
  15. Zenaworrier

    Zenaworrier Back to reality!

    Ok so the cottage pie didn't taste any better on the way up again either :(
  16. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    Oooooo nooooo!!! Hope you're ok x

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