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Heroes 9pm Tonight BBC Two


The Diet Guy


To infinity and beyond!
Our local radio station has been raving about this programme, will tune in to see what all the fuss is about!:D
Oh yes, I saw this in the t.v. mag the other day and fancied watching it. Had a bit of a dilema though because it's on at the same time as Big Brother... hmmm...... Fortunately though, as we get S4C I can watch BB at 10 instead of 9... woo hoo! Looking forward to it now :)


The Diet Guy
Not so good Blue!! It's a double episode so on till 20 past 10 !!
Hmmm, what to do?! Think i'll start watching it and decide then if it's worthy of missing 20 minutes of BB for :)


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Ahh ~ i'm watching BB, but have set Sky to record Heroes. Plan to watch it over the wkend ~ so hope it's as good as its press :D


The Diet Guy


The Diet Guy
I liked those episodes, it is clearly building the characters and explaining it all but looks to be very good!! I like the little japanese guy called Hiro, he is funny.

I enjoyed that! Definately worth missing the start of BB for :) Is it on same day/time next week? I'm hoping it's a nightly thing, but doubt it.


To infinity and beyond!
I videoed it and watched it this afternoon. Fantastic. Hooked already.
For those who missed it, it is repeated tonight 11.00 BBC 2


To infinity and beyond!
Watched eposide 3 on BBC2, then flicked over for eposide 4 on BB3, fabulous I am addicted. Can't wait for next week.
Yeah I loved this week!! I think that Hiro is cool!! Loved the roullette wheel trick and the fallen cocktail.

Problem is I want to watch the whole series now!!



To infinity and beyond!


To infinity and beyond!
Hi Mike,

Don't forget Heroes tonight :D

I am holiday for two weeks for Saturday, I have already made a note to video it while I'm away.


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I got the whole of series 1 from a friend a few months ago thought i would watch the 1st one to see if i like it and ended up watching all 23 episodes :eek:!

Ok i lost 3 days but it was so worth it lol !

Mike, they belong to Jo so next time she comes round ask her for lend of them ! :D

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