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He's Home!! At Last!!


Totally Focused
Hi everyone

Yesterday I got the call that I have waited 6 weeks for! Yes, I have been able to bring my husband home from hospital!! He is not out of the woods but he is so much better that it was decided that, with the vacuum pump on his foot, on the understanding that we go straight back if we are at all concerned and with the district nurse coming in every 3 days to change the vacuum dressing, he would do better to recuperate at home! I am now absolutely exhausted as he can't do anything for himself!! He is allowed to walk occasionally, on the flat with a special boot on and using a walking frame. No stairs so he is sleeping on the reclining sofa - but he is quite comfortable. I don't think he realised just how tired he would be!! I have had to sort out all his drugs - he is on 15 drugs with various instructions about which can't be given together and when they need to be given which I've had to sort out. But he ate a good dinner last night that I cooked, the best I've seen him eat since he went into hospital so that's a good sign.

I will keep you posted - but I'm trying to keep all the balls in the air with family, OH, and work commitments at the moment - so please forgive me if I'm not on here too much. I just wanted to let you all know this morning as so many of you have been so generous with your thoughts, good wishes and prayers. Keep them coming - we have to go back to the hospital on 28th May for a review, then again in 6 weeks. It is hoped that the vac pump will heal the wound in that time without need for a skin graft - but we wait to see.

I'm still doing great on CD - I actually hit the 5stone off today - although its not an official weigh in day, so I'm feeling very pleased with myself!
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Thats great that he is back home, I hope things will be easier on you and that he's recovery goes well

Brilliant news ... hope he's soon feeling better. Of course he's your priority ... we'll still be here when you come back! Take care of yourself too!


has started again!!
Hope he continues to heal well, under your tender ministering!!

Well done on weight loss too!! Great stamina!!


Ancient Egypt Nut!
5 stone off and hubby home!!!!! :D:D:D

So, so pleased for you Grandma.

Lacey...xx :)


I ♥ CD !!
:):) So pleased for you Granma hope everything works out the way you want it to (hugs)


I ♥ CD !!

Mrs B

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Brilliant news Chris, hope your hubby continues to improve. Well done on 5 stone off too - what an achievement.


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Thats double great news for you, hubby home and a fantstic weight loss.
Hiya, that is fab news about your hubby. I bet your delighted to have him home.Congrats on hitting the 5stone mark.You are a remarkable woman for sticking with cd during this tough time.Well done you, you deserve all the happyness in the world.Hope all the grandkids are good and that your not doing to much.Look after yourself & take care.

becky xx
how truly wonderful for u. will continue to think bestest and kindest wishes for u....and congrats on 5 stone what an achievment!!


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That is fantastic news! And well done on your 5 stone too!


Totally Focused
Thank you all so much. I can't really believe he is here!! We were told earlier this week that it could be another 6 - 8 weeks, so it was such a shock to get the phone call!! Today I took him to see Isaac and Lydia and then pushed him in his wheelchair round Tesco, of all places! He normally does the shopping so he was in his element!! Those trollies made specially for wheelchairs are a nightmare as the wheels clash with the front wheels on the wheelchair! He isn't moving around much as he is supposed to rest and not walk more than necessary - and then only with his frame. And we can only leave the vac pump running on battery for a couple of hours before it stops, so we can't do too much anyway. He is very tired - the effort of coming home and getting used to a different environment. I am pleased that he is eating well though as he had no appetite at all in the hospital.

As I said earlier, we are not out of the woods yet - but we can see the clearing and the sun is streaming through!!

You are all amazing people and I feel truly humbled that you have all said such lovely things. THANK YOU!

Absolutely wonderful news - I'll add a thankyou to my prayers.

Don't forget to accept any help that's offered otherwise it'll be you laid up for overdoing stuff!

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