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He's just gone back to Afghanistan

I know it has been a while since I have posted on here.

I decided to stop LT for a little while because of the saggy skin issue!!! Thought if I had a little break thinks would fit back naturally for a while. I have done OK and only put on about 3lbs.

My hubby has just been back on his R&R and I have put on half a stone! I don't have time to go back on LT until after my holidays so have read someone elses thread that they are doing "All about W8" - they were suggesting it for Chelcie. I have taken the plunge and ordered a 2 week supply to get that bit of weight off and intend to go back to LT after my holidays.

I have been using the maintenance foods and think they are fine, least favourite is the summer fruits drink, but it is OK.

Well done to everyone who has got to target since I have last been on here and hope you are getting on OK with maintaining your weight.

Don't seem to be able to see most of the photos, but Summergirl you are looking fantastic.
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Hope your OH has a safe tour of Afghanistan, I go to bits every time there is bad news from there, as my son has recently got back from his 2nd tour there. Well done for such a small gain, that will be gone in no time at all, I'm sure. I certainly enjoy eating again and am in no rush to put any on at all, although I'm sure there will be weeks when I do, I hope I wont freak out when it happens. Best of luck.


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Aw thankyou redhead! :)

I sure do hope your hubby has a safe tour out there - i bet its hard not to turn to our old comfort friend 'food' at times like that! but well done on you for trying to get that weight off before your hols. I dont know much about w8 - is it similar to LT? x
I'm not too sure what the diet is like. I read about it on a thread on here and as you can do it week by week I thought it would be good to get a bit of weight off before a wedding I have in Devon and then off to Spain. They do lots of different programmes and I am doing a 2 week special occasion diet. Basically LT but with 4 meals instead of 3. They only let you do that for 2 weeks but that suits me as because I am going away don't want to commit to LT until I return as don't think they will let me stop and start again! Will let you know how I get on with it. They have lots of different flavours so that will be nice - maybe, or just too much choice!

Try not to think about what is happening in Afghanistan too much and probably like most people take a big sigh of relief, followed by guilt that it is no one I know that has been injured or worse. Only 2 more months and he will be back, thank god.


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oh cool - where abouts in devon are you coming to? x
Hey Summergirl

I am off to Newton Abbot for my brother-in-laws wedding. He decided to book it whilst my hubby was away, so bit of a sore point! I am originally from Buckfast so am really looking forward to coming home. Really want to show my kids Dartmoor and the beaches, not that they will probably be that bothred, they are only 7 and 4 but they might like rock climbing and building sandcastles!

Are you now back on track with your diet after your holidays?


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oh cool - am off to newton abbot tomorrow for the horse racing! :) Your kids will love it here :giggle:

Yeah back on track now - now that the carb withdrawls have vanished - thank god! lol have you got your w8 stuff yet? x
Have a great day Summergirl, hope the weather is good for you.

My W8 stuff hasn't arrived yet, but am doing maintenance at the moment so hopefully won't come as such a shock when I got back onto VLCD! Reading about the products though on here seems you can do lots with them, even make muffins! All seems a bit alien, but it is only for 2 weeks before this wedding and hols.


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Big hugs, it must be sad for you to have your Husband return to Afghanistan. My Nephews Son has just gone back today for his second stint in Afghanistan, such a worrying time.

Good luck on your 2 week plan, you can do it.
My 2 week all about w8 has arrived. Had my first day on it yesterday. Not too bad. The shakes don't come out as thick at LT ones and seem to taste more artificial. It was strange eating something solid for tea last night, but was yummy, thai noodles. You can also have half a pint of skimmed milk a day, one snack and you have to have 4 sachets a day. See how day 2 goes today, got different flavours to try today, which is also a novelty.

Hubby now has a return date from Afghan as well. End of September and I can't wait.

Keep up the good work everyone.


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Whats the average weight loss a month on w8 for women then? is it as high as LT? x

Not really sure what the weight loss is, it either didn't say on the website or I can't be bothered to look! Reading threads on here the first week doesn't seem to bad but don't think it is as good as LT. But then I am only doing it until I get back from holiday and can then start LT again without having a break so any weight off before my hols is better than none! They seem to do so many different programmes its hard to work out anything cos I could do what I am doing and have a proper meal with it as well?!

Had spag bol for tea tonight and it was really nice.

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