Hex A Options help


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Hello everyone
Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I am new here.
I have just decided to start slimming world again after 4 years off it. I have read up on all the changes in 2018. I am going to sign up for SW Online when I get paid next week, but I wanted to get a jump start by myself this week.

My queries are:
- Can I still have 200ml of Alpro chocolate soy milk as a HEX A?
- Can I still have 4 dairylea light triangles as a HEX A?

Thank you :)
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Welcome and good luck.

You are right that you now get two hex-A. 4 dairylea light is one hex-A option. I’m not sure about the Alpro chocolate soy milk but generic soy milk is another option and you can have 400ml.

I’m not a member of SW so can only go off the documents I have.

Thank you for that. I will hold off on the choc milk for now :)


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Hey, Alpro Soya Drink - Chocolate is not a Hex A anymore. You would need to count 3 syns per 100 ml I am afraid :(