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HEX or SYN?!!!!!! LOL


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Lol - it's a protein, so it would be free on a red


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that gives me the boke!! lol :D
i cant eat brocolli any more cos i found dead green beasties inbetween the branches when i was about to bite into a bit :( was a favourite veg too! has it put u off salad?


is working hard.....
Melarnz - Will I have to make today EE then?!!

Minx - Cooked beasties -no wonder it put you off!! LOL.

I have to say I didn't finish my salad, and am having flashbacks :eek::jelous:;) xx
ewwww :( ... if it was green then i guess it should be free on a green day lol :D



Will be thin god dammit!!
Go extra easy and he's free!!!
Lovely protein mmmmmmm


is working hard.....
It was a lovely little cos lettuce, and I DID wash it (by hand and then drip dried on a clean t-towel) - the colander was 'busy' with my pasta for tea :D

Think the grubblet (which incidentally only lost its head :jelous: in the great salad sabotage incident of 2010) was determined to remain attached to its leaf. :eek: xx


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ewww - !!!!

i hate creepy crawlies....i saw a HUGE spider in my half sink today and i was pooping it - had to get boyfie in (he is able to pick up and remove creepies for me!!) and even he said it was 'quite big'!

Glad it didnt find its way onto my plate...!

*shivers at the thought*

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