hexb question

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Can anyone please confirm which cereal bars in sainsburys can be used as a hexb. and is it 1 or 2 bars that are counted as 1 hexb.

many thanks in advance - i saw someone mention them and they would definately save me money as im currently buying alpen light ones.
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Sorry I don't know but would certainly be interested in some cheaper alternatives, loving the alpen lights but indeed at nearly £2 a box it gets a little pricey and being greedy yesterday I had 4 of them with both my hex b's lol


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The big food directory doesn't list any of the Sainsbury's cereal bars as HE's.


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on the slimming world website they regularly update new hexb options...
these are the most up to date cereal bars from sainsburys that can be used as 1(one) hexb
-bgty apple & black current
-bgty apricot & peach
-bgty honey nut fruit & seed
-bgty maple multigrain
-bgty pink grapefruit

I adore the apricot & peach and i actually used to eat them b4 SW they are or were 2 boxes for £2

Hope this helps