hey all i'm back!

Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by naughty_but_nice, 30 April 2009 Social URL.

  1. naughty_but_nice

    naughty_but_nice Full Member

    for those who know me you won't have seen me on here for a few months. I was on weight watchers and completely slipped back to my old ways. Well now i'm back with my tail between my legs desperate to start again. I'm going to count calories rather than do weight watchers.
    I am 13 stone 2 and i need to lose at least 3.5 stone.
    I have set myself 1500 calories and plenty of exercise.

    Here is to new beginings!
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  3. NIC68

    NIC68 wants to get super fit!

    Hello and good luck! I'm sure you'll do great :D
  4. sugarsnappea

    sugarsnappea Full Member

    Keep thinking of how you will feel when you reach goal weight - thats what keeps me going!

  5. rhuba

    rhuba i really don't know life

    i'm on 1500 and plenty of exercise too!

    maybe we can exchange some meal ideas? i aim for 300 for breakfast, 400 for lunch and 500 for dinner, which leaves me with 300 for snacks.

    good luck, we're a friendly bunch!!

  6. Debzi

    Debzi Full Member

    Welcome and good luck;)
  7. serafyn

    serafyn Full Member

    hi welcome xx

    happy c cing x
  8. PurpleButterfly

    PurpleButterfly 16lb to go!

    Hello welcome and good luck!

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