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Hey all - Newbie with questions! :-)


Hey everyone..

I started Atkins today, and I'm loving it. I basically need to because of IBS and my obsession with food and my weight.

So.. I've started induction, and I've planned out my meals. I just wanted to ask about double cream.. is that permitted in the induction phase..and also is balsamic vinegar?

Well done all, I can't wait to see some fat dissapear he he.

Lots of love

claire xx
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Hi Claire, im new to atkins too, started on sunday, you can use double cream yeah but not the balsamic vinegar as its full of sugars!! How have you found your first day?
Hi Claire, I am new too! I'm sure I read that cream is better than milk, but just keep an eye on the amount, and I just looked at my balsamic vinegar earlier, and it looks extortionately high.
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Hi Jules. Well I had a slow start after the new year limiting my alcohol intake to one glass a day instead of one bottle (lol but true), then last Thursday I started low carbing, Tuesday stick tested and was positive. I didn't weigh until Tuesday, but know I lost some before that from the wine. I don't think I've lost any since last week though - I don't feel any thinner if you know what I mean. How about you Jules?
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I started properly on sunday after messing around with it for ten days or so and when i got weighed this morning ( im terrible for jumping on them ) im 3lbs down so im so pleased as i seem to have ate none stop!! The alcohol is a big thing for me too, i love a drink when my two girls are in bed but sorta weaned myself off that as was doing cambridge before i switched to atkins, iv just introduced exercise into my ' get healthy and fit' plan so im feeling pretty good at the mo, Do you have much to lose TT? I lost the bulk of mine with c.d so only have 14lbs, well now 11 to go

Hi claire, welcome to Atkins and keep us posted how you are doing. :)


Alway see the love x
Morning Lovely`s
Just sorting out meals for the week ahead on induction and Ive a question about sugar free jelly, is this allowed please?

Hope everyone is bright and breezy today?:)

Woof X
Hi woof, good morning to you.

Yes it's allowed but Frowned upon ;)


Wannabe Lean!!!
Woof, about the sugar free jelly, it tends to stall the weight loss for some reason, I find that if I give in to my sweet tooth and have some I don't lose any weight for a couple of days, it may be coincidental but its been a good few times now so I'm suspicious of it. Saying that though sometimes when the craving for sweet things are bad every 4 weeks or so ( :D ) then its better than a big ole bar of choccy! :)


Alway see the love x
Morning, Rela.

I was just thinking when its TOTM (sorry Jim :eek:/) To have something sweet.... its the Jelly or killing some1.... Think I will try the jelly 1st....

Thankyou for your replies.

Have a fab day!!

Woof X
I was just thinking when its TOTM (sorry Jim /)
LOL, woof, I've been married for 36 Years come Saturday, way to long for me to be embarrassed about that stuff. :)
RE. Sweet tooth Ive been having the atkins breakfast bars ( The packet says they are allowed on induction ) I i find these tend to satisfy any cravings and for me they havent, or dont appear to have any adverse affects and im losing weight!!!!
I read once that they gave people the runs Jules, obviously not in your case.
Strange, still everyone reacts differently to stuff don't they.
They really are quite nice, im looking forward to the day i can have the other bars, iv read that some people find they slow down their weight loss though

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