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Hey everyone update on me !!

Hey all, you probably remembered I posted the thread about an upset tummy and IBS. Well it was a little bit more than that!

It turns out that I was allergic to something in the shakes, not sure what exactly. I started to feel a bit unwell on Wednesday night (upset tummy, cramps) - I didn't sleep a whole lot on Wednesday night and woke up with it on Thursday.

It got progressively worse during the day and although I have a high pain threshold (I had 3 bouts of really bad gallbladder attacks 3 years ago and Pancreatitis with it, but didn't go to hospital until 3 days in!!) there was no let up in this. The pain was unbelieveable so I knew something was wrong.

I called my doctor and he came up to the house. He injected me with an antisposmodic (I had already taken a tablet form that I have for IBS but it was like a smartie!) and said that if it didn't work within the hour, he wanted me to go straight to A&E as I could either have a twisted bowel, appendicitis or a cyst on my ovary) - Lovely!

Luckily it started to ease within the hour and we knew it was just a severe case of IBS (the worst I have every experienced).

I had ignored red blotches on my skin all week as I thought this was a heat rash (due to the hot weather we got) but the rash was now all over my torso, arms and hands.

The Dr believes I had an allergic reaction to something in Lipotrim and said I am to come off of it immediately. This then set off the worst IBS attack I'd ever had. I am really raging I have to considering (I did my normal weigh in myself this morning!) and I'd lost 11 lbs. I had stuck to this 100% ! But the pain of what I had yesterday I just couldn't risk that happening again. My stomach/side are still very sore, but I don't feel anyway as bad as I did yesterday. I'm still quite week but starting to feel better.

So I'm afraid I need to find another way to keep on losing. I'll be around the boards here as I find them great! I don't want to frighten anyone, because as you can see this appears to be the exception, not the rule!! But I would say that if you do notice a rash, please don't ignore it like I stupidly did!

Minnie x
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Oh how horrible for u! I also have IBS and have to say i havnt had any problems although i dont remember anything being asked about having IBS. I hope u recover fast and find another diet that can work for u. Best of luck x x
Thanks Kelly.

Yeh, for me it was obviously the allergic reaction that was the trigger for the IBS. I've read up on this before and I know people with IBS have done it succesfully, that's why it didn't concern me.

Good luck to you too, I'll pop in here to see how you's are all getting on xx
You poor sausage. Well it seems like you will need to be extremely careful choosing another, far more safer way of losing weight. Perhaps you can go on an IBS website and ask around to see if anyone else who suffers from that condition has found some successful way of dropping weight. I wish you every success and hope that your IBS improves dramatically.
Thanks Sharon xx

I was only recently diagnoised with IBS (January 09) but I suppose I've always suspected that I had it. Although, I'd never experienced anything like that :eek:

Good luck everyone xx
Thanks Scotsmist, feeling a little better today. :)


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oh dear, thats not the best thing in the world is it
poor you! hope you find another good diet that helps you reach your goal

well done on the 11lb loss!
Thanks Tegzy, yeh I am so happy about that. I did stick to it 100% so I guess at least that much paid off, lol.

Not eating much at the moment anyway (bit of dried toast today is all) as it's all still inflamed. Once I'm back to normal am going to try and follow a low carb diet.

Minnie x


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yeah probably best for you to find something that works well with your IBS

my sister has this and she struggles finding diets that dont affect her

Tegzy xx


Here we go again!
So sorry you've been suffering so badly. At least the doc knows what caused it and you can take that out of the equation.

Hope you find a diet that works a treat for you and hope you get to your goal.

Good luck and don't leave us for good.

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