Hey everyone!

Jonny B

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S: 23st0lb C: 16st0lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 7st0lb(30.43%)
Hey everybody,

I'd just like to say hello to one and all who browse this forum and introduce my self as a new member to the forum.

My name is Jonny, I'm 23 years old and I'm here to lose weight!

I've always been a big chap from birth, all 10lb 14.5oz of me! I'm big framed, tall and have always been chubby. Unfortunately chubby has changed over the years into fatty. I'm 6ft 4 and weighed in today at 20st 8lbs, I started this "stint" of weight loss on the 02.01.2010 at 21st 7lb so I've lost close to a stone already which I'm very pleased about.

About 6yrs ago I attended WeightWatchers, weighing in at just under 19st I believe, and got down to the mid 17st area. I wasn't what I would consider fat when I was 17st, a friend actually said I was "normal" which was nice :D

During the 4 years after WeightWatchers I ballooned up in size so went to WeightWatchers again in 2008, I was shocked at my 1st week when I tipped the scales at 22st 13lb! I believe I've been over 24st in the past.
I managed to drop 41lbs this time to get me down to 20st dead but got bored of dieting and I went full circle again and here I am today at 20st 8lb.

This time I want to make a permanent change!

I know how to diet sensibly, I know what to eat and what to avoid, the one thing I've lacked is the motivation but this time I feel different, I feel motivated and I want to change.

I haven't eaten any breakfast since I was about 11yrs old which is something I really want to change so I can kick start my metabolism in the morning. I'm currently eating a Boots shapers meal for lunch which consists of a 750ml water, a sandwich with 280-320 calories and carrots as the snack. Throughout the day at work I drink water but don't eat anything unless we have a fruit basket from which I'll have an apple a day.

I still live at home so my main meal is cooked by my mum, which is general healthy but I do cut out most of the potato as they are wasted calories without a huge amount on nutritional value. Tonight I had half a boiled potato, loads of broccoli and carrots. The main part of the meal was a liver and bacon casserole which I hate, so I had 2 boiled eggs instead. I do substitute things out if my mum cooks something unhealthy, just yesterday she decided sausages would be a good idea! 175calories for 5.5g saturate fat per sausage! I quickly ran down the shop and got my self two chicken breasts and grilled them to go with the other trimmings of cabbage and cauliflower. I always have 2litres of water in the evening too.

The things I really hate about my body is the way that my tummy seems to hang lower on one side and also all the stretchmarks I'm left with.

My goal is to get down to between 17st and 18st and build tone up muscle.

Thanks for taking the time to read this essay! I hope you guys and gals can support me on my journey.


One last thing, here is a body which I hope to never see again.


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Hi Jonny, and Welcome!

Your story sounds very similar to mine, although Sadley im not as tall as you, if only I could be stretched a foot!

Good Luck with your journey, I look forward to reading it and seeing your progression. x

Mumma K

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Hello and welcome well done on what you have already lost
and wishing you well on the rest of your weight loss journey
look forward to hearing how you are getting on in the future

Jonny B

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S: 23st0lb C: 16st0lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 7st0lb(30.43%)
Cheers guys! I'll definately keep posting and keep people updated on my progress.

My main real goal is to have enough body confidence to hit the beaches this upcoming summer. Secondly is to build and tone my muscle, I'm fairly "big" in terms of muscle mass already but need to tone up and lose the fat round them.

Blue Butterfly

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Hey Jonny welcome to MiniMins.

Ive never really eaten breakfast either,even as a kid but I do now and Im addicted to cereal lol

Have you heard of a product called Bio Oil? It is really good at getting rid of stretchmarks and scars. It is a little bit pricey but you only need a teeny bit at a time,you massage it into the skin twice a day. You would see results pretty quick with that. I use it on some scars and they have nearly disappeared! You can buy the oil in boots/tesco/any old chemist!

Good luck losing your weight :)

Claire x


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welcome to the site!
Looking forward to seeing how you do :D

oneday at a time

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welcome and congratulations on your weight loss so far, keep us posted on your weight loss journey, you seem very determined, and hopefully by the summer you will showing us a skinny after picture beside your before one. good luck


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I am also new here. I start the cambridge diet on thursday. I think you will do great, you have done it once you can do it again. Good luck :D


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Trippy picture, ha. Good luck with the weight loss I'm sure you can do it! Nice guns btw, looking forward to the 6 pack :p

Jonny B

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S: 23st0lb C: 16st0lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 7st0lb(30.43%)
Long time no speak everyone!

I completely fell off the wagon so to speak with my diet, I started here at 21st 7, got down to 20st dead but then it all went to crap again and I ballooned up to 23st by February 2011 :(

However I got back on the diet and now weigh in at a "petite" 16st!



I've still got plenty of work to do, I want to lose a further 20-30lbs and see how I feel at that weight.

I don't feel fat anymore which is a great feeling but as you can see from the pictures loose skin will be a problem for me, but c'est la vie, I'd rather that than be back to where I was!