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Hey everyone

Well hello,

Don't really know what to say here other than I'm Olivia, I'm 21 and I weigh far too much. I'm about 19 stone and ideally I want to be about 12. To be honest it's not so much how much I weigh that bothers me; it's my clothes size. I'm at the moment a reluctant 22/24. Ideally I want to be a size 14 so I can shop everywhere again! I hate the variety being cut just because of how big I am!!!! I'm 21 and want to look and feel as good as other people my age.

My problem isn't so much that I eat too much at meal times...it's what I eat and snacking that is my problem. My boyfriend and I are really lazy when it comes to cooking so we'll either do the quickest thing we have, rather than the healthiest, or just phone for a takeaway.

I've started today and plan to use my exercise bike this afternoon for half an hour. Contrary to what people might think I am quite fit in terms of exercise. I don't do as much as I should but I'm quite competent and don't get tired too easily.

Anyway, I'd really love for some support and will really give as much as I get. I find things like this really inspirational as noone I know is as big as me so they don't understand. My boyfriend tries but fails miserably, bless him. It doesn't help that he eats what he wants when he wants and stays perfectly slim and toned with minimal effort...:mad: lol

Anyway, it's lovely to meet you all...hope to hear from some of you soon!

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Big Boy
Hi Olivia and welcome to the minimins boards. Good luck and I wish you well on your own plan.
Thanks Jim...anything I should know about how round here works? Well done on being nearly halfway!


Big Boy
halfway? LOL, I'm there Olivia.

On the site, basically privileges are graduated, so may post's before you can PM someone, a few more before you can have a sig line etc.
ooooh sorry read the wrong bit quickly lol...well done!


Big Boy
LOL, it's OK I'm pretty relaxed about it. :) I can afford to be :D
Do you know of any people my age on here?
Thanks Maria...isn't everybody so friendly on here? I like it!!! Like I said, noone I know has ever had a problem with their weight, or at least vocalised it...so it's nice to be able to talk to people :)
oh yes Olivia, there's loads of youngsters on here. I'm possibly the only old fart. ;)
Lol, cheeky...trying to make out that's what I was getting at! Hehe!
I'm like that, LOl;)
So what's your story then Jim? :)
In what way Olivia. I've posted pretty much in full my Atkins experience in the success story thread forum.
Ok then... I'll be sure to have a read
Welcome a Olivia - I'm new too, been on here 2 days and completely hooked!

I'm 37 but if it's any consolation I still feel 20. Stick with your plan and you will see the results - I was good for the whole week and didn't loose but I know if I carry on next week will work. You sounds really postive and that's what counts - celebrate your achievements no matter how small they come you will acheive in the end.

Good luck and enjoy the forum
Thanks for all your words of encouragement...day 2 has already started off well :)
Morning Olivia, sounds like you are feeling positive then. :)
Definitely Jim...I'm always positive. :)

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