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Hey girls and guys


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Hello everyone how are we today?

Just munching on an orange bar for lunch, quite nice - although I braved a choc orange milkshake the other day, absolutely disgusting I was nearly sick! Yuck!

Lost another 4lbs on my weigh in last week so thats 18lbs in total now, am very pleased. My CDC away now for a week so am seeing her next week for a 2 week weigh in!

Anyway went away for the weekend and had some chicken and salad for dinner Fri and Sat night, was lovely but not overly great - was a bit annoyed at everyone keep saying to me what are you going to eat what can you eat - im like just leave me alone I will sort myself out! God help me when I had to describe why I wasnt allowed tomatoes!! "YOU CANT HAVE TOMATOES!!????" im like no I bloody cant! Jeez then I had to explain about ketosis - i dont think they got it really even though i find it very interesting!

Anyway, got on with it and drank as much water as I could, but had a headache when i got back on Sunday, does anyone think i could have possibly had too much chicken on Sat night? I didnt have loads but i had my portion and picked at a chicken drumstick. Felt really crap on Sunday night and didnt go to work yesterday because of it - everyone needs a me day every now and then hey!

ANYWAY! By my CDC scales I was 11 stone 12 on Wednesday. My scales are being stupid and wont budge from 12 stone for some reason and I had a little go on the wii fit yesterday and it said that i have lost 5lbs in 11 days which now takes me down to 11 stone 8!

My scales still said 12 stone though!

Which should I believe!? So annoying! Anyway my clothes are feeling looser so I shouldnt worry too much. I do think its poss I could have lost 4lbs since Wed though.

Sorry completely rambling now!!

Hows everyone else doing anyone had some super great losses this week?

Cant believe its been 5 weeks 2moro since I started its the longest EVER!

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Hi hon, sounds like you are doing really well and the chicken should have been fine, not sure why you felt so rubbish?

You are doing really well :D and is possible you will have lost that weight in that timescale. I am hoping for 5lb+ off on Friday as been on SS for past 7 days with 3 more to go!!! Will post on Friday afternoon!

Love your profile pic by the way - stunning! x


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Thanks Lexie but I think it definately needs updating!!!!

Lets see what the scales say next week hey, it will be so nerve wracking!

Hiya unreal83

I think you should try to ignore different scales until you can be officially weighed by your counsellor (Easier said than done, don't I know it!). Like you I have a 2 week wait until next weigh-in but that is because I am having a day out next Saturday - hopefully we will both see good losses in a fortnight.

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