Hey How is every1


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Hope you are all doing goood!
Well i have done my first week of not smoking, not craved for a fag all week.But next week is another week, but hopefully will be just as easy.
As most of you know i have gone on the cd diet. To be honest i am struggling as it is 3 foodpacks a day and i only like the tetra's which are ready made shakes in a carton and they are teeny weeny.But im not doing too bad i suppose i have the ll savoury drink to use as my 4th and wont do me any harm and im still havin the ll water flavouring as its unlimited where as the cd you can only have 1 spoon a day. My husband is doing really well going on to rtm he is going into his 5th stone, he has done soo well, its like i have a new man.My weight is just going down so slow its unreal but i have had a couple of bad weeks where i changed from ll to cd, getting to know the flavours, i dont like non of the soups at all.I only like 1 of the shakes thats choc mint.

Well i hope everyone is doing well, i do miss being on LL, but at least i still can come here and get lots of support from you all.

I got smoking clinic at 2pm. Cant wait actually to blow in the carbon mono tube hehe to see how im doing
Love to you all
I suppose you are all getting ready for xmas?
I am not in xmas mood, im sticking to ss over xmas which is abstinence..lol.
I decided im gonna be good, and probably will be chatting on here, if anyone is here xmas day..lol:D
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I'll more than likely be here having a tantrum on Xmas Day! I know I'm making the right decision not eating over Xmas. But I also know I am going to need some serious talking to in order to stick to it on the day!

B x


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Hang on in there Lynn

You are doing great. If it's a mix of CD/LL
that suits you then stick to it. I have a friend doing CD. tHE CHOC/MINT smells like After 8'S - YUMMY.
Your OH has done so well and and you are too. Fancy giving up smoking too.
Well done - keep it up xxx:girlpower:

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Yes. You can.
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Hey Lynn

Nice to see you - I wondered where you had gone. I knew you had considered swapping to CD but missed when you actually made the move.

Good luck on not smoking! Thats a good start.

And you can still get in the christmas mood. (oops, i typed FOOD, not Mood! lol) Just think of it as Christmas-Lite. :D

All is well here - my husband comes home tomorrow after 10 days away - so I am gettin really happy. Been very lonesome this week. :)

Good luck hon - and well done to Mr. as well!