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Hey, Im back !

Hey everyone :p

I said I would be back :p

So here I am :rolleyes:

For those who dont know me, and I dont see too many names that I recognise, I am Laura, I was on LT from August till October 2008 ( 9 weeks in total), I lost 5 st 5lbs in that time and I loved it. I came off for my wee bros 18th bday party and for Xmas, I was supposed to start back at the start of January, but then it was my brother in laws birthday and then my sister and brother in law were coming to visit, so it ended up that I was starting today. I have a hell of a lot of weight to lose and I plan on being on this until a) it gets too much and I have to go on a break for a week or two b) I get to my target ( which is impossible) c) Until the end of June, to give myself time between finishing and going on holidays. d) Something unforseen.

I am not doing this on my own, apart from you guys, my gorgeous boyfriend is going on this journey with me, he done 4 weeks the last time round, we both started today.

Apart from being hugely overweight I also suffer from Panic Disorder, which I hope loosing weight will help with.

I have not been on a foregin holiday for about 8 years, as I went through some very painful times, and I stopped caring and loving myself. Now we have booked 2 weeks in Gran Canaria in July and I want it to be the best holiday ever, and by loosing weight this will help no ends.

I am very talkative and can be quite hyper :eek: I look forward to all our highs, and good losses at WI!

By the way for anyone who is nosey, like me, Im 23 and from Northern Ireland.

Dont feel to shy to say hello :p

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Hello angelcake!!

Welcome back, and nice to meet you!

sounds like you have done fabulously already, and are ready to finish what you started!!

i think this holiday is just what you need and i hope u have a fantastic time!!

let us know how you are getting on

loadsa love xx
Thank you Ladies !!


I will be skinny again!!!
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Hiya laura!!! Well done for getting back on LT!!

im from northern ireland too :) Bangor.. Where are you from?? xx

blue eyes

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Welcome back I remember you as I lost 3 stone in 10 weeks (16/09/08 - 24/11/08) at about the same time. At that point I lurked then my sister loulouless joined and helped me log on. I have maintained my loss but want to get to target, which I'm hoping to be at or near 27/04/09.

Look forward to chatting with you and wishing you and your boyfriend goodluck. XX
Im in Antrim :D

How you getting on honey?
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hi welcome back

good on ya for coming backand well done for your previous losses
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Welcome back Laura... Good luck with the second leg of your Lipotrim journey :)
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Wow 5 stone in 9 weeks!! I wish i could do that ..thats amazing. :) Excellent that you have enough courage to get back on the wagon and do it all again. Well done !! xxx


Is thinking positive!
Laura, What a beautiful name by the way :D

hi laura, i remember you. good luck agian for this time round you did very well in your first time.


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Well done on your great achievement and good luck on the second phase .... great that the two of you can do it together, that must be a real boost!

Whoo, day 3 and I am feeling fiiinnnneee :p

Thankyou all for your replies, and thankyou all for your encouragement.

Morbid, I am here to kick ass big style, namely my own big ass lol, I am glad I have had your support, honey, you are amazing!

Cant wait till Friday for my first WI !!

I have a minor headache and did last night too, and Im freezing lol, but I had a brilliant nights sleep last night, and faced the world with a smile!

If I can do this second time round then so can anyone!

Whoooo, I look forward to allllll this weight drip dripping off :p:8855:


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Hi hun....I remember you too. Well done on last times losses. You've got your holiday as 'thinspiration' so I have no doubts you'll do amazing again. Good luck hun.x


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Hi, I remember you well, welcome back into the fold. It's lovely to see you back again.
All good luck for the restart of your journey Hunni, xxxx
Thank you all :D x x

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