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Hey im back

Hopefully in the next month i am coming back to lighterlife.
For everyone that knows me i have not gained any weight since i came of lighterlife which is a good thing;) I have been kind of careful
Hi to all the new comers that i have not met yet
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Hi ya! I was on LL had to quit coz of finance..but hopefully back on the up and will be back..I am on the shakes i have left over from before ;) Mmmm missed being on them, taste so yummy xx
Thanks! Me too i want to get back just incase i do start to put it back on..lol though it was before xmas i gave up so not too bad.
hi lynn
nice to 'meet' you
how easy/hard has it been to keep weight the same?
what have you been eating?
daisy x


I Can Do This!
Well done on staying focused without the programme. I'm sure you'll continue your previous success on LL. Nice to meet you!
Welcome back Lynn. I do remember reading your posts but didn't used to post much back then - I'm impressed that you've managed to maintain your weight loss. Very interesting to me coming up to RTM that it's definitely doable!

Look forward to getting to know you more!


Making it all add up
Hi Lynn - nice to get to know you & welcome (back)
Hi Daisy Doll
It has been fairly easy! Just watching portions i dont have big meals..tbh i cannot eat big meals since i have met LL. Also i still have black coffee with sweetener. I have not touched milk either and tried staying of the bread...dont sweet stuff like cakes ect..but never missed that kind of food anyway as i dont have a sweet tooth. I also have cut back on the cheese i love cheese) but been really good
Thanks everyone! I think if you put your mind to it you can do anything (if you know of Blonde Logic) She is an inspiration to everyone she did really well. Good luck everyone!! Its hard but well worth it by just me losing 2st has helped alot now im ready to lose the next 3st at least.
Hi LS. Yeah he is still the same, not put it back on yet!! Lol. Though his new job is going to be sitting on his butt all the time, but he said he will join the gym ;)
Welcome back Lynn, and good luck with your 2nd installment of LL. You did gr8 to loose 2 stone and even greater not to put any of it back on!

Good luck. x


Silver Member
I think Lynn is a very inspiration person, she has shown us you can leave and maintain quite happily then come back and loose a bit more.

Well done Lynn :)
Thanks everyone! Its good to be back just need to get on the shakes now. I have really missed being here and missed the shakes..lol believe it or not, its a mare shopping for food and having to eat( i certainly wont miss not doing that!! Hehe
Hey Anna wb too hunni, its like i have never left everyone is so welcoming yayyy xxxxx
Wow i love the weightloss webcam you done amazing you have done great! You look so stunning(and no you dont look like christina ricci i think its the hair and dark eyes that make people think you look like her plus your prettier hehe
Hi Lynn

Welcome back you and Mr. Lynn. We've missed you. So proud of you that you maintained while you've been away. Good luck with the next part of your LL journey.:wave_cry:
Thanks Lovely ladies..and guess what im still having teeth problems..lol thats why i have probably maintained..apparently i got two teeth and they said they can be saved or taken out, but the pain i have been in id rather have them out, coz ur gonna laugh im still not registered with a dentist i am still on waiting list..wot a joke!!

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