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Hey I'm new to this, can someone check this for me?


One last chance
Ok I have moved to the weight watchers diet. I'm like, a professional serial dieter LOL, I'm trying everything I possibly can.

Is this fine?

30g ready brek 1.5
Splenda 0
Whole Milk 2.5

Tuna 70g 2
Nimble bread x2 1
Tomato 0
Lettuce 0
Spring onion 0
Apple (big one) 1

190g Cod 2
WW chips 200g 4
Salad 0

1x 95g plum 1
1x 4 finger kit kat 5.5

Total points: 20.5
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Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
ALot on here still count it as 1pt for 2 slices though..... not sure if its right, but i do the same... it makes no sense for it to be 1.5.... i keep buying cod, and just never get around to eating it, i may make some fish and chips tomorrow yummy :)


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
i guess its where the points equation falls down....maybe the american one with the fibre in it is more accurate.

its the same with alot of things on ww though like if i point ingredients in a recipe it could be 7pts (example) but if i count up all the calories and sat fat in that same recipe it will be 6pts
I just trust in the little handy points calc on ww on line. It does give you more on some things, like if you have eaten about 3 pieces of fruit at say 3 points it will only charge you 2.5 weird. Cant figure that bit out at all. Its as if when you put good stuff into the tracker it gives you a little reward for being healthy! I will look later when I put my food for the day in and give you a more accurate example!!


One last chance
Thanks guys, interesting how things are pointed down. Gonna take some getting used to.
Could I ask do you not like semi skimmed milk? Reason being they say we dont need to drink full fat milk and we dont need too after 16? Just being nosey as ss saves points?x


One last chance
Oh I see, I love all kinds of milk, problem is we only had whole milk. I do prefer the fully skimmed to be honest.

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