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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Babykk, 3 September 2014 Social URL.

  1. Babykk

    Babykk Member

    Hey everyone I'm new to this site wanted to know if there is anyone who recently started the cwp for mutual support I started yesterday I'm finding it very difficult so helpful tips and support will be fantastic look forward to hearing from you soon xxx

    cw 12 stone 12
    gw 10 stone
    height 5"
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  3. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    Hello! On day 5 and only just managed to hit 12.11 with 13.4 starting weight. My goal is 12 weeks 100% and if it brings me near of my gw: 10.6 that's a bonus!
    Happy to buddy up - your stats are very similar xxx
    What's your plan?

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  4. Minnie64

    Minnie64 Think thin

    Hi there I'm on day 10 so not far in front. I started at 12st 11.5 and am also 5` tall. Not set a final goal yet just a mini one of getting in my jeans as not buying a bigger pair. Its hard for the first week or so but it does get easier just stick with it.
    Good luck xxx
  5. Babykk

    Babykk Member

    Hey minimimi nice to meet you my plan is to do the sole source until I'm 10.6 or 7 then gradually introduce food making healthier choices plus exercise I do not want to do all this hard work then put the weight back on. What's ur plan?
  6. Babykk

    Babykk Member

    Hi minnie64 we'll done for getting to day ten I found it really hard the first two days today was not so bad how much have you lost in 10 days?
  7. Minnie64

    Minnie64 Think thin

    I don't know as CDC on holiday and have managed to stay off my scales. If I weigh myself I know I'll become a serial weighed lol def lost 1 chin plus trousers fit better. Do you weigh at home xx
  8. Babykk

    Babykk Member

    Ok no I haven't I want to know my weight weekly as i will properly be a serial weigher too :) at least you know you've made progress
  9. Minnie64

    Minnie64 Think thin

    As long as I have a loss I'll be happy. I focus on numbers to much on the scales. I'm gonna focus more on my clothes and how they look and fit. I too wanna do SS for 12 weeks with prob an occasional SS+ xx
  10. Babykk

    Babykk Member

    Yeah that sounds realistic I was also thinking of adding ss+ too like just having scrambled egg but I'm not sure if that will affect my weight loss
  11. Minnie64

    Minnie64 Think thin

    If u use 1 or 2 eggs with nothing added you shouldn't see any difference with losses xx
  12. Babykk

    Babykk Member

    Thanks for your reply I had my first weigh in today I lost 7lbs in a week :D I'm so excited if I continue like this i will beat my goal soon how's everyone doing?
  13. Minnie64

    Minnie64 Think thin

    WOW that's brilliant half a stone were done you. Keep up the good work. What's your goal?
  14. Babykk

    Babykk Member

    Thank you I'm hoping to get to 10.7 -10 stone
  15. Minnie64

    Minnie64 Think thin

    I'm hoping to get under 10 stone but if not then so be it - I will see how I look as I starting losing and then decide.
    First weight this evening - today is my Day 15. Feeling excited, nervous and sick lol
    Good luck hun xxxxx
  16. Babykk

    Babykk Member

    Awwww good luck let us know how you get on
  17. Minnie64

    Minnie64 Think thin

    Well 8½ off and I'm absolutely delighted with that.
    Keep at it, it is sooooooooooooo worth it

  18. Krysh

    Krysh Member

    Hey guys :)

    I started last wednesday on 810. How are you all getting on? xx
  19. ginzeh

    ginzeh Full Member

    It's my official week weigh in tomorrow and getting measured! Nervous as hell! Started
    Monday, got weighed Friday for motivation over weekend by my lady!

    Lost 5 from mon-fri been only a tiny bit naughty, sat had sweeteners in my coffee as felt urge not sure if allowed yet.
    Also had 3isj forkful of Tina as was
    So hungry better than crisp cupboard and thought at least it's protein!

    Had 2 egg omlette today plus 100g tuna with 80g courgette/mushroom :/ wasn't made myself
    Weird combination lol.

    Good luck ladies xxxx

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  20. Minnie64

    Minnie64 Think thin

    Hi Krysh - welcome hun, you will get lots of support, help and advice here. How are you getting on with 810? When's your first weigh in?

    Hi Genzeh - welcome - let u sknow how you get on with your first WI. I have sweeteners in my evening hot choc n mint drink as I believe they are allowed so you should be fine. You say you have 3 ish forkfuls of 'Tina' what the heck is that? lol

    I thought it would be either 2 eggs OR 100g tuna with the 80g of veg????? That does seem alot but I haven't done 810 so I could be totally wrong.

    Good luck all

  21. ginzeh

    ginzeh Full Member

    Lol I meant tuna stupid predictive text!!

    You can 290g tinned tuna or 2 eggs but my dad made me it and used 100g tuna and 2 eggs :( he was so sorry but didn't have heart to moan lol just thankful something was cooked for me!!

    Getting ready then going to WI, nail biting time I do hope flakes of nails won't make me put on lbs haha

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