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  1. jackietrew

    jackietrew Will be slim!!!!!!!

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm coming over here from cambridge, i've lost 2 stone on cd but now need a more slower weight loss, because i NEED to eat lol it's driving me crazy, so i'm going to be starting on thursday..and just wondered if people could explain the whole concept to me? i know that we go by points etc, but seems to good to be true! is it really possible to lose 3 stone in 6 months? as im going to new york and would love to be at target.

    Thanks guys :)
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  3. jackietrew

    jackietrew Will be slim!!!!!!!

    CD - Sole Source
    just bumping this up there lol
  4. vodaka999

    vodaka999 Silver Member

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    Hiya, firstly welcome to WW. I would say it is definatly acheivable for you to lose that much, WW say to expect 1/2 stone per month so that works out fine. All you have to do is stick to your points and i would say start some exercising ( i cant think you were allowed or able to do much on CD ) and you should see results almost straight away. Alot of people have made the change and as long as you follow WW to the letter and maybe lay off the carbs a bit the first week they have had some amazing losses in their first week ;);)
  5. jackietrew

    jackietrew Will be slim!!!!!!!

    CD - Sole Source
    thanks for your reply! yeah it hasnt been easy to exercise whilst on cd, although i have tried i just don't have enough energy for a good workout. i think i've worked out that im having about 25 points alot which is quite a fair amount, but i think ill have less in the first week or so, and yeah lay off carbs for a while. im very excited! just seems strange to be able to lose weight while eating all my fav things xx
  6. jc1976

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    You need to eat your points otherwise you wont lose, i know its hard to believe but honestly, it doesnt work, unless your doing the kick start week id advise you to eat all your allocated points. New Yorks amazing(you'll love it) i was there in March for St.Paddys day and had a ball, already booked up for next year although next year i'll be nice and slim when i go(fingers crossed) xxx
  7. jackietrew

    jackietrew Will be slim!!!!!!!

    CD - Sole Source
    so it really is important to eat all your points? do you know how many calories the points equate to? for me this diet will be great because i used to be so obsessive with calories and sometimes would only eat 700 a day, so to base it on points not cals will be great!

    oh wow you've been, where did you stay? i'm going to be staying in hotel metro which is like...pretty much next to empire state building I CANNOT WAIT lol, got so much stuff booked! yippeee and hopefully will be at goal xx
  8. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    The points don't exactly equate to calories as there is a formula which has to do with the ratio of calories to saturated fat.

    Have you got the books and calculator etc otherwise you'll struggle? Also are you going to classes or are you going to do it yourself with support from on here? I don't go to classes and get all the support I need from on here (lovely people that they all are) but I know some people on here do.
  9. jackietrew

    jackietrew Will be slim!!!!!!!

    CD - Sole Source
    hi karen,

    Yea i do have the books etc, i ordered that at home kit thingy. nope not going to meetings as i feel i can do it with some support from here (hopefully) lol, oh so its more to do with how much sat fat we're having?
  10. saraian24

    saraian24 Gold Member

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    Hey there! ww is a great diet in my opinion and if you stick to it you will see results, and you can everything - by counting your points!
  11. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    Youll LOVE WW, especially if youve been on CD for a while, you wont believe how much you can eat.

    If your allowance is 25 points a day then you really must have them. You can 'bank' up to 4 a day but you should use all your banked points by the end of the week.

    Theres a great temptation by a lot of people not to eat all their points and try and speed their weight loss up, in actual fact it has the opposite effect
  12. catznolan

    catznolan nearly there!! :)

    lost over 60 lbs with ll
    heya just thought id say hi lol
    u actually started out 2lbs lower than what i was and are 1.5lbs lower than me now ha cool!!
    i presume u get the calculator in the pack ye? if so u then put in the cals and sat fat and it works out the points for u!! although in the books it gives u a rough guide to some points in food most brands are pointed diff so be careful!!
    also yes do eat all ur points there is a kickstart where u eat a certain no of points (im 5ft 4 and under 14st s was 18pts for me) and this just literally kickstarts u into ww!!
    any ways any questions just ask xx
  13. jackietrew

    jackietrew Will be slim!!!!!!!

    CD - Sole Source
    starlight im reading your diary as we speak, been reading it all morning and can't beilive how well you've done!! incredible, you must feel amazing! such an inspiration.

    catznolan, hiya! that is cool that we were/are around the same weight lol, well ill be making sure ill get a fair amount of exercise in, am thinking of starting a diary on here but no sure, how long have you been on the diet for? xx
  14. paula 36

    paula 36 Gold Member

    hi lovey,welcome and good luckxx
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