HEY! Roch....


biker babe!
How did it go last night hunni?
Waiting on tenter hooks for the next update from you too Roch ;)
this suspense is killing me.!! hurry up and log on Roch! Im off work for three days starting tomorrow so i wont have internet access to see how youre doing!
:D :rolleyes: :eek:
Roch where are you?

Roch where are you?
Hey ladies, sorry have not logged on had alot of paper work to catch up with.
Well it was ok,met some one i know, and they were all very friendly,so today is day one for me following the sw diet and i look forward to next week to my first wi.
My broadabnd is playing up as well, am with aol but have signed up with talk talk and is free broadband but the problem is i have to go without broadband for up to 21 days if i want to transfer over as aol cant give me a MAC code, so am not sure what to do.
Hope u r all having a good day, catch u later xxx
Hi Mandy, thanks hun, am doing ok,have been prescribed metformin and as well as water tabs so have been running up and down all day to the loo,my water retention problem has got really bad and was meant to be taking frumil water tabs since early this year and i hardly take them, so i am going to make sure i take them every day no matter what.
Am not really following sw diet more a low gi diet but am going for thw support and advice to the meetings.
Well hope u have a good day, going to catch a shower and early night, sleep well,take care xxx
Roch I hoping you can update me on your thoughts and ideas about a low GI diet as that is how I intend to eat when I go back to conventional food because my hubby is type 2 diabetic.

Any insights I could learn from you would be gratefully received. :D
Hi Chicken
Sorry for crashing your post but I can give you some big insight into low GI / low refined carb dieting as I ate that way for 2 years and am also a type 2 diabetic.

I lost plenty of weight (6st) but it was a slow, steady process ... some people like it that way: I got disheartened. HOWEVER ... on the diabetic front, my blood sugars dropped down to a 'normal' level and I didn't need metformin anymore. In fact, at my yearly 'big' blood test (where they do your 3 month averages) jaws dropped because my blood sugars were so normal and stable. It was as if I wasn't a diabetic anymore. The comment on the bottom of the result was 'excellent control' :D

I will be returning to that way of eating when I get to maintenance because it curbs hunger, raises energy levels and stablilises blood sugars so you avoid those troughs and peaks.

Hope this helps.

If you want any more info then please feel free to ask.

Debbie x
I feel another big discussion coming on then Debbie so another natter in the gargen or taking the kids to the paddling pool at Stokes bay might be in order :D

I got a book from Tesco with the trafic light system of clasifying food but having read a few post on here I'm thinking of getting the Anthony Worrall-Thopson book.

I have to have receipies to hand for when I am in management although to be fair apart from portion size, lack of fruit and salad (which hubby is now into) I don't think we did too badly and both of us were steadily losing weight which was hampered by both of us being inclined to binge eat after my daughter was in bed.

I have great hopes of keeping the weight off which makes me scared that I am being too confident :confused:
I've still got your phone number chicken - shall I give you a call sometime next week and we can arrange a time for a get-together?

D x
Hi chicken on a mission,well the gi diet is a low glicemic index,which helps stabalize your blood sugar which in turn helps control your appetite as u when u eat high gi foods like processed carbs u get a sudden rush of energy from the sugar in the carbs then u get an energy slump and hunger follows,so keeping my blood sugar stable helps with your physiscal hunger.
Also for people who are insulin resisant or have POCS and u eat refined carbs it turn to sugar b4 u have had a chance 2 burn the calories so u gain weight faster.
I myself have previously lost 5 stone in 14 weeks by following a low glcemic diet but was my version of a vlcd which i only had 800 cals a day, was not 2 sensible eating such a low amount of cals but i was taking suppliments so i ws not deficient.
Anthony worral thompsons book is meant to be really good as he has a metabolic syndrome which means he is insulin resistant and he need to be on a low gi/gl diet,i am going to have a look in tescos`s for it.
So far i have had 3 days on a low gi diet and so far am doing ok,am controlling my hunger and eating some yuumy food.
Today in tesco they were selling frozen smoothie packs individually portioned(just the fruit) and i blended it with low fat yoghurt and added a bit of multi grain cereal to bulk it out and it was gorgeous and very low gi.
Do some reserarch into gl/gi and i am sure u will like what u read, hope this helps u xx

Hi russian doll, how r u doing hun, how has your day been,wot u up to this weekend xx

Keelie, know u r not around, but hope u r having a nice break from work xxx

Mandy how u doing girl, every time i look at your pic u remind me of a friend of mine who u most prob know of dh Geri, u look so much alike, hope u r having a nice weekend xx

Mini i am here,pc has been playing up so was having probs, kept on freezing,how r u doing xxx

Well ladies got tons to do, new washing machine was meant to be coming today, being replaced under a warranty and was up from 8 waiting for them got a call at 10.30 to tell me it has been cancelled till next thursday, am really ticked off especially as had to get someone to un plumb the machine and now today replumb it and then on wed nght disconect it again, what a pee take.
Have a good day, chat later xxxxxxxx
Well had a stressfull day today,my best friend was ill and woukd not go to hospital and had to argue with her to go pleased we went and got her sorted out.Think i have serious pmt have been shouting at aaron non stop today poor child.
Well had right big problems sorting out aarons stuff to travel with he is going for 2 weeks and flying to kenya with BA, and he is only allowed to take 20 kilos luggage allowance which i think is a serious pee take when we r paying 700 for his ticket, and in his case he has to pack a sleeping back and pillow as well.
Well enough moaning from me, how are u all today,what u been up 2,hope u have had a better day than me.
It seems really quiet on the site over this weekend,i must be the only sad one who is at home !!!
Have a good night, take care and sleep well xxx
Glad to see things are picking up for you Roch. Hope your friend is okay. Have a good night kip and a great day tomorrow.
Hi Roch, hope Aaron gets off OK, you are going to miss him like mad but maybe it will be easier to really focus on yourself for once. I am sure you are in for a good week and I hoep I am too. take care, love
Hiya hun, sounds like you're going well with the low Gi plan.. I think I should look out for the AWTompson book.. I've a few others but this one sounds pretty cool.
I hope you manage to sort the luggage packing saga.. 20k is not very much is it.. on the bright side he won't have loads of dirty washing to bring home to overload your new washer:eek:
I've had a busy weekend and my internet's been playing me up, so I've not been on line as much as I'd like :( On the diet front I have been struggling a littte bit tbh.. I really need to focus more to get this last few lbs off but it's scary ground down here in "healthy" weight land!!! I know it sounds sad but some days I feel like I've learned nothing about controlling my binge behaviour and food scares me sensless!!!!! I'm still major work in progress.. always will be I suppose:eek: Feel up for it today though so fingers crossed for a good'n:)
Hope you have a good day hun.. catch up l8r:)

love xxxxxxx