HEY! Roch....


biker babe!
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I went and got weighed this morning instead of going to the later meeting this afternoon and i was happy to see that i had lost 3lbs,which makes a total of 21.5 lbs in 3 weeks and i am happy with that, but as i have been given the go ahead from my doc to try cd again i am going to give it one last chance,so as of tomorrow i am going to try ssing again but i will carry on with SW for the next month just to make sure that i am able to stick to cd.
Hope u r all having a good day,sorry had not posted b4 today,chat later xxx

....im going to be a lonely SW'er....but good luck with CD its worth giving it another try otherwise you will always be thinking 'what if...'

sorry to hear that you have been feeling low. why didnt you get on here so that we could all cheer you up?!

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Thanks keelie,just found it hard to express how i felt and just stayed in bed for quite a long time.
Today i decided that i had to pull myself together and decided to post on the weight loss diary thread and start a diary for myself and for the first time in a long time i wrote down how i feel which was hard as i am used to keeping my emotions hidden and not dealing with probelms that are ruining my life.
So i have started the ball rolling and now i hope i can emptionally cope with getting down to the reasons why i emotionally eat and hopefully dealing with these problems so they no longer control me and my life.
Sorry have gone on a bit there,thanks xx


biker babe!
S: 19st1lb C: 11st12lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 26 Loss: 7st3lb(37.83%)
Roch - Where are you girl?
Youve probably moved over to the VLCD threads, but ill post here anyway to let you know that im still here, and wondering how CD is going for you.

Take care chick


Minimins gal x
S: 27st2lb C: 25st2lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 2st0lb(7.37%)
Hi everyone,thanks for your messages.I have not been online for the past 10 days or so,been going through some emotional probs and found it very hard to focus on anything more than getting up in the morning.
Have totally fallen off the wagon and think i have gained most of my weight i lost,and when i went to see the gp 2 days ago she said my water retention prob is very bad so has put me back on more water tabs and told me off for not taking them.
One bonus is that she put me in touch with a holistic therapist through my surgery who is going to see me in the next week or so for regualr therapy to help me deal with a lot of issues relating to my childhood that i personally feel i never dealt with and affect me even up to this present time.

Am having a reall crappy week,got really bad sciatica and actaully in a lot of pain and the meds i am on Tramacet are giving me some nasty side effects bu have to carry on taking them till the sciatica goes which is a hormonal thing for me so hopefully in the next few days it should dissapear.

So enough wingeing from me how have u all been,looking forward to chatting to u all, have a good day xx


hi roch honey... great to see ya back posting. i'm soooo happy to hear your doc has put you in touch with a therapist that should really help you along!!

i have fallen off the wagon too good and proper but i have a plan starting on monday so fingers crossed and mouth sewn up it should work .... might leave a gap for a straw tho ha ha

hope you feel better soon


Gen xx


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Hope you get some strength from the therapy, you were doing so well but our heads really do have to be in the right place, dont they? Good wishes to you.


Minimins gal x
S: 27st2lb C: 25st2lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 2st0lb(7.37%)
Hey SB how u doing hun,well done on cutting out the sugar it def does make u feel better.

Well as i said in my last post i was ssing and got to the end of day 4 which is the longest i have done since falling off the wagon last november,but i got a call from my cdc on the end of day 4 telling me that CD head office have officially pulled me off Ssing because of my low blood sugar probs so of course i stuffed my face then felt terrible.
Well it has taken me 10 days to get my head back in the right place and now last night i have re started Sw again and hopefully for the last time.
I cant take this swapping diets apart from messing up my head it messesm up my metabolism.
So i will take it slowly step by step.

So hun how is uni are u full time.I am def doing my access course in Sept 07 but part time in the eveining like u as i will be working full time as well.
how many days a week did u go to college and on average how much homework did u have.

Looking forward to chating 2 u soon,take care xx


Hey Hun

Im not to well at the mo, got the flu and every part of my body hurts like hell!

Uni is going fine, theres a lot of reading involved tho but its only 3 morning a week full time. I went to college one day a week, part time. Homework.....mmmm I would say there are a few assignments but nothing that is too hard, as the teachers there are brill and will help you along the way.

Good luck hun. How is SW going. Sorry to hear bout CD, but step by step is good as long as we have lots of patience!

Hope to hear from you soon,