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  1. Ms R

    Ms R Regular Member

    Just thought I'd nip in to say A big hello to you all and give you a brief update on my progress.

    I lost a further 1lb post re-feed (2nd & successful attempt) and I've now maintained my weight loss for 4 weeks so I'm very happy with myself. I've another 3lb to lose to get to target but not stressed if I don't get there in a hurry as long as I continue to maintain.

    I'm now eating a very healthy diet ensuring I eat small meals with plenty of healthy snacks throughout the day but I'm struggling to get my total daily calories above 900 most days but I'm getting there. I've also started exercising in the last 2 weeks so been swimming 4 times now and I'm managing 60 lengths which only took me 455mins last night so my fitness is improving really fast without all the fat on my body. I'm also still dancing salsa every Thursday night so get a cracking workout from that and I plan to introduce cycling, walking & running back into my life but taking it slowly as my body needs time to adjust after 4months of TFR.

    So I'm fitting loosely into size 10 everything now and I feel just amazing and soooo happy. The fact that I'm now exercising and toning up and building a little muscle again is awesome and I know my body will continue to change shape over the next 6 months or so as I do more & more exercising.

    For those of you who remember my first attempt at re-feed, you will recall it was a disaster and I panicked and went back to TFR for a week and I emailed Lipotrim to ask for their advice? Well I never ever received a reply from them so I decided to do my own re-feed plan and it's working very well indeed. Those 4 months when I was on TFR, I put my time to good use and I read sooo much about healthy food and the effect of foods on blood sugar levels which can cause real hunger pangs & cravings so with my newly gained knowledge, I manage my blood sugar levels really well and thus avoid said cravings. I also plan, plan, plan which is the magic key to success so I aim to keep on doing what I'm doing, i creasing m y calorie intake to around 1300 a day to ensure my metabolism is fully functioning on all cylinders and I hope to keep the weight off for good. I have totally changed my life and my eating habits for the rest of my life and it feels soooo good.

    So final word, there is life after Lipotrim and it's fantastic. Good luck to you all still on your TFR journeys, it's really tough going but please stick to it 100% as that, I believe is the only way to do this, and you will also be enjoying a new life very soon as a slim happy person.

    Best wishes xxxxxx
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  3. Chuggie55

    Chuggie55 Full Member

    Its fantastic and inspirational to hear from someone who has done the refeed and managed to keep of the weight, my last attempt was a year ago - I took a break for a holiday and its taken me until now and two stone in weight to get back on it! I'd be very interested to know what you did for your refeed, although perhaps in the refeed bit of the forum, so that its there when we are ready to look at it if you have time?
    Thank you so much for coming back on here to share your experience, it totally makes me think 'right, I can do this' and moves those doubts that keep creeping in that it might all be for nothing if I cant control myself when I'm eating again.
  4. Fighttheflab!

    Fighttheflab! Full Member

    Yay, go you Mrs R, that's fab! Can you give us an idea of how you re-fed (given that LT didn't bother to reply! GRRR!)?
    I'm proud of you!
  5. Ms R

    Ms R Regular Member

    Hi there

    I will give a very detailed post on how I've done my transition frm TFR to real food in the re-feed section hopefully tomorrow on the computer as it takes ages to type an essay in the iPad! Lol. Hopefully my story will help others :). Look out for the post, I will call it: LIFE AFTER LIPOTRIM.......MY STORY.
  6. Fighttheflab!

    Fighttheflab! Full Member

    Great, thanks hun!
  7. Chuggie55

    Chuggie55 Full Member

    wow thanks :) x
  8. Busy Mum

    Busy Mum Silver Member

    Hi Ms R, lovely to hear from you! I'm so glad you've managed to crack the re-feed second time around. I'm disappointed to read Lipotim never replied to your email but I will look out for your Life after Lipotrim post as that will help me when my time comes! Sounds like you're as busy as ever and doing plenty of excercise. I haven't been doing any excercise up until now on LT but I've decided to start this week. Nothing too over the top but just generally walking more instead of always taking the car! Its half term so the kids and I got out and about yesterday and I couldn't believe how much walking I managed to do with no pain or breathlessness, it was great! How on earth I managed to carry that extra 6 stone around with me I don't know! Keep posting to let us know how you are xxx
  9. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Hi ms r. ;)
    Glad life is going well for u. So pleased.
    I am nearly there now also weighing in at 11 stone from 17 stone :)
    I am so worried about refeed and life after VLCD!!
    I moved from lipotrim to slim and save in January and am enjoying it. I am hoping to get to 10 and half stone or maybe 10 not to sure yet. Feel so much better now it's unreal. So worried about gaining weight and losing control. How many weeks did u do of refeed ?? I am not sure what to do yet. Xx
  10. sandy38

    sandy38 Full Member

    Fantastic Mrs R! Well done and so proud of you! I too am still fitting into size 10s trousers albeit just about! Thanks for keeping us updated on your fabulous progress! X

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