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hey there :)


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hi. i'm trying to get pregnant and it suddenly occurred to me that there's a wealth of knowledge on this forum that i have yet to experience in the form of you guys :)

wish me luck. after spending years trying not to get pregnant is it just me that finds it peculiar all of a sudden trying to be?

would also appreciate any comments on whether a low-carb diet could affect my chances of conceiving as that's what i'm doing at the moment.

abz xx
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Hi Abz - remember me from CD? lol
In my experience CD will help you get pregnant.. be sure to watch out for that test each month as you'll have to come off CD if pregnant.
Might be wise to start taking folic acid too. :)

Hope you are back here pregnant in no time! lol


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hi :) of course i remember you.

i'm not doing cd any more as it messes with my hormones too much. i'm doing atkins at the mo. so still low-carb but with food :D :D which is obviously preferable :D hee.

abz xx
My only advice ,isnt food related, but is to chill out about it. I was on a mission to get pregnant at all costs and MrB has since admitted that during that time sex became a chore!! In the end i am convinced that the stressing about it, getting upset every month when it didnt happen was actually preventing it.
It was approaching the millenium and in the previous april there was lots of publicity about now was the time to do it to get a millenium baby-well i didnt want all the publicity!! so that month didnt even think about getting pregnant and guess what happened?!

It Took us 8 months to fall pregnant wiht Olivia, with Rhiannon we just let nature take its course and 2 months later.....

Good luck

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Sounds great advice from me too. Also will save you the emotional ups and downs if you don't fall straight away.


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ha. i don't think i'll be able to avoid them, but i don't want to become obsessive about it either as i think it will be counterproductive. i just hope it doesn't take forever as i've wanted this for a while but would have been massive for our wedding if i'd gotten pregnant straight away. it's going to be infuriating if it takes forever now. everyone i know has gotten preggers straight away, so sod's law...

still. what happens happens right? :D

abz xx
well people told me it could take months, soI carried on with cd, didn't really take the folic regularly and fell pregnant somewhere between the 1st and 2nd month's ovulation (I am a bit hazy about my date cos they don't tie up with my last period) anyway long story short, found out I was 3-4 weeks pregars whilst still being on cd and after taking folic acid irregularly...so my advice is to keep taking the folic and get lots of early pregnancy tests off the net,
I was probably 2 weeks pregnant when the test said negative, so carried on with my diet and then when I realised I was late I did another and found out I was. Hope it all goes well with you, being on a low cal/low carb diet didn't seem to stop me =)

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I didn't find out I was pregnant till after my cycle was due. Was on CD but from about a week after ovulation I had struggled to stay on it and failed, as we were on holiday. I'm pretty grateful about that now of course. Didn't take folic acid till I found out I was pregnant - I'd have been on it for 8 years if I kept up with that one. lol


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Congrats on starting ttc!!

I would echo others, keep it fun for a few months and bear in mind it's normal to take up to a year to get pg although most people do so within 6 months! In terms of what you can do now, folic acid is a must for you and zinc for hubby can help his swimmers! Might be worth keeping more of an eye on your cycle dates so you can see a pattern and start looking at your cervical mucous (sorry it's tmi but you'll look a lot at it over the coming months!!) - when it goes really stretchy is your fertile time! It's usually 14 days before the start of your next af (aunt flo - period!) but not always 14 days after the start of your last one unless you have one of those magic 28 day cycles!

Keep it fun, it took nearly a year for us this time and the bfns can get disappointing - I hope that it happens soon for you though! Oh, and one more tip, you may have a hubby who is interested in the whys and wherefores (and I am lucky in that I do) but lots of friends hubbys are dirmly in the belief that you can get pg any time of the month (what do you mean there's only a 24-48 hour window each month????!) so maybe not tell him too much when your fertile time is - keep an eye yourself but keep it fun for him!!

Other things you can do - both cut out smoking/cut down on alcohol, keep fit and healthy and for him - hot baths should be cooled down, help sperm motility!


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ha. see, it all starts to feel very regimented :D

well he didn't believe me when i said there was a 24 hour window, hee. so i didn't mention it again :D

i still find it amazing that you can put so much effort into contraception and then have to really try to get pregnant...

abz xx
I must be really unfeeling! I didn't try and keep it fun, I just said 'come 'ere, I'm ovulating' ! lol, I used the advice from a book called the fertility diet, that said that you can in theory get pregnant at any time of the month but more so about 10 days into your cycle....she also advise doing it every other day around that time. I don't know if it will work next time we try, but it worked well for us =)

The other thing you will need to take account for is the timing of your periods, after I didn't fall the first month of trying I kinda didn't take much notice of the dates, I fell preggars very soon after that and couldn't tell them when my last period was. You will need to know this date for them to be able to predict your due date early on. I didn't know this til after I had conceived


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Hi Abz and welcome hunni,

I personally wasn't trying, it was a massive shock to me, as i'm only 21.. (best shock ever, but a shock none the less!! )

I was on Lipotrim for 7 weeks which supposedly really ups your fertility, and as we weren't trying sex was still fun and spontaneous etc....

That combined with me having my contraceptive implant out in December leads me to now be almost 16 weeks gone.... it took me 4 months...

I dont have any worldy advice for you hunni as im still a baby myself, but please please dont get down hearted about all this, it is meant to be the most magical time of your life, and yet there is so much pressure to get pregnant right away that is spoils it...

Just do what your body tells you, and you will have your baby in no time...

Or do what I did and become blissfully ignorant that you will get pregnant, and dont use any contraception! hehe

Good luck, and have fun xxxxx


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hey guys. thanks for all the advice :)

well i've just been to the docs. i can continue to take my painkillers for my dodgy back until heavily preggers, and i can continue low-carbing until i know i'm pregnant, so happy days on that one :)

abz xx

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