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Heya! Falling off the wagon!

Hi MissyHeidi

Well done on your weight loss so far. I know things are bad at the moment for you but you have come to the right place to help you through it.
Thankyou! Means alot to me to know your by my side- how do i find peoples before and after photos? That would definately help (i'd be jealous too haha) xx
In the blue menu at the top there is a menu called inspiration slide show. Also on the home page where it list's all the different forums under introduction there is one called success stories. Hope they help.
Hi everyone, it's telling me to say hi as I'm a newbie..not too sure when to say hi though :/ Awesome website-although it does make me lose a few hours everyday when I come on here! xx
Thankyou easy! When the kids are in bed il be having a look through! It helps to know that im not alone and this weight can be shifted with the right support! And hello jess nice to meet you, i wish you both every success in achieving your goals xxx
Hi, just try and keep focussed on your end goal, every pound down is the step in the right direction, it's easy to throw in the towel, but imagine how you'll feel if you do...keep going and enjoy the feeling of your clothes getting looser and having more energy!!
Hello Missyheidi thank you..Good luck to you too :) This site is amazing, everyone is so encouraging it's great! x
Thankyou lighter, maybe i need to 'lighten' up and praise my small goals. Excuse the pun haha. I wish i knew of this site along time ago as everyone is so encouraging like jessii just said. Feels great to know we are all in the same boat xxx
It really does doesn't it, nice to see it's not just me and that other people have good days and totally crappy days!! Hope everyones having a good day today though! xx

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