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Heyilp! Heyilp! (Penelope Pitstop Stylee) Need help with advice re stall!


Just keep swimming...
Right am now 7 days into a stall. Not a lb lost and no cms either :cry: Is not totm and don't appear to have any fluid retention and have stuck religiously to the diet so none of that is the cause.

Have read the book on how to blitz a stall and will follow the rules to the letter however...

DrD recommends I have should follow 4 days of PP. Which isn't a problem except I have <whispers> 'transit issues'....

And 4 days of PP really isn't going to help with that. I know being all bunged up isn't helping with the scales either.

So what should I do? Normally I would have rhubarb and veggies but can't if I am on PP.

The other thing is that I have woken up this morning with a really, really sore throat :sick:

Normally I would jam throat lozenges in my cakehole but obviously they are full of sugar so can't do that. Same with lemsips. I will take paracetemol but wondered if there was anything else that would be ok Dukan wise to take?

Sorry to moan. I know this is all temporary and I am just feeling sorry for myself. And it's even colder today so feeling even MORE miserable! :rolleyes:

All suggestions (other than recommending I be shot) gratefully received! Thanks xx
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Have you been posting menus?
(sorry to be brief, but at work and busy, so thought it would be easier to just look at your menus!)


Just keep swimming...
Hi Jo.

No, it's the one thing I haven't been doing though I should have (hindsight eh?). Will try to do that from now on though.

The only thing I had through the week which wasn't strictly Dukan was two oxo cubes added to a shepherd's pie which served 8.

Other than that I have been having strictly protein, or protein and veg on PV days, with nothing else added, very little yoghurt or dairy and 2litres of water daily minimum.

Have also cut down drastically on salt - using the LoSalt when i have to now.

Frying with FryLite (the one cal spray). Having 2tbp of oatbran daily. No ham. No pork. No lamb. No bacon. No fat. No carbs of any sort.

But I have to admit to not getting in a walk every day... so am definitely going to make sure I do that every day from now on.


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I was logging on to write an identical post!!!! Any help from the veterans would also be gratefully received on my part!

You can actually have rhubarb on PP days but only 100g - I'm planning on having that tonight to get things moving!!! ;)

Ps are you having lots of dairy? Perhaps instead of 4xPP just have lots of extra lean protein? I Am planning on making 5% beef burgers to snack on....I am wondering if I'm eating too little generally-is that an issue for you?


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Just re-read - sorry can see you don't have lots of dairy!!!
I have also upped the exercise from 30 min power walking and added a fitness DVD. Have you hot access to one? Know its hard to fit in at the end of the day, but might be the boost you need! X


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We do try to advise posting menus each day on the menu thread. I know many of you do post them in your individual diaries but we don't always have time to wend our way through them all in time...

If you're stalling (10 days without loss without any deviations!), check your dairy quantity... transit... TOTM can cause issues... water retention (salt)...

If none of the above applicable, hang in there. Our weight didn't come on overnight and it won't always go easily either. Drink plenty of water, and chances are you'll have a good weight loss the following day.

But I do advise posting detailed menus which helps us identify any potential issue...

Wheesht your menus looked A-OK. Yeah cut those oxo out, as you've said


Just keep swimming...
Thanks Christell. Yep don't have much dairy. Most days just have a few splashes of skimmed milk and occasionally will have a small amount of yoghurt or fromage frais to cook with but not often.

I think you are right re exercise - I must increase it. Have a whole stack of exercise DVDs - but I dont suppose they will do much sitting on the shelf!!!

Thanks again Jo. Transit is a problem... so perhaps that's all it is! But I will post my menus from now on and if you spot a problem you can let me know.

Really appreciate you both taking the time to reply. I know this is going to happen from time to time and I was trying to mentally prepare myself for a stall, but I think I was a bit flumoxed that it happened so early on.

Anyway, will do all that has been recommended and will keep you updated! I will beat this!


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and we want your happy face back :D


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Buy "colon cleanse"...works wonders, I need more... and fast!!! ;)
PS are you weighing at same time each week? I did a test last week (obsessed with the stall!) and my weight went up some days by 2kgs!!
Good luck and keep us posted! X
Love the username;).

The salt in the cubes could have caused a gain, as has been said.

I would (if you haven't already) -

Make sure you're having enough pure protein (1-1.5 gr protein per kilo of weight)

Increase walking and water.

Cut out tolerated items and packaged protein.

Have rhubarb every PV day and PP too if your transit doesn't improve.

I'm sure the scales will be kind to you soon.:D
weesht... I stalled exactly 7 days with not one Ounce lost ( I was weighting myself every day ) . I was also not transiting well. I did an hour walking and ate pure protein for 2 days straight, drank more water and chewed lots of sugarfree gum which helped with the transit issue ( while getting rid of my sugar cravings ). I also ate more fish during those days ( smoked Salmon).
So I stopped going to the scale. I relaxed and continued with the diet and the exercise and 6 days later after going to the transit room early in the morning I jumped on the scale and VOILA!!! a chunk of weight had disappeared!

Don't worry ladies if you are doing everything to the letter and you stall in your weight loss, eventually your body's resistance gives in and you will lose again. You have to be strong mentally.


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Xehorus - great post, very encouraging x

I put our 3 year old daughter on our scales yesterday and then again just now, almost a 2.5kg increase!!! What?!?! Think I need to get some new scales.... :)


Just keep swimming...
Thanks so much everyone - haven't managed to get on the computer for ages so haven't been ignoring you all!

Christell, where can I get 'colon cleanse'?? It sounds lethal - just what I need! :D

Thanks Robinhood. (Re the username, have had a few non scots who read it as wee sh*t.... :D) I am really prone to water retention so the oxo cubes were obviously not a good idea :d'oh: Will steer well clear in the future.

Am still struggling with increasing my exercise though. Was in the office yesterday from 9am to 8.30pm so by the time I got home I couldn't face going for a walk. Got zumba tomorrow though and am off work today so will make sure I do something!!

Xehorus, some great tips there. Will have more fish and buy some chewing gum today! Never thought of that... Really encouraging post :)

So had a PP day yesterday and it went fine. Another PP day today and so far have had eggs and turkey rashers for breakfast. Will have a galette with quorn filling for lunch and spicy meatballs for dinner. Making sure I drink loads of water and will definitely get some exercise in today.

Feeling much, much better about it all thanks to you all. Tbh, I think I was feeling miserable because I am under the weather atm. Was just generally feeling sorry for myself but feeling so much more upbeat today.

Jo, plenty of smiles here again today you'll be glad to hear :D

Onwards and downwards! Those scales will budge eventually!


Just keep swimming...
Quick update.

The stall is officially OVER!!!

Have lost 3lbs and loads of cms! The cm thingy was worrying me more than the scales, as I have always found that if a loss wasn't showing on the scales, it would still show on the tape measure. For some odd reason it didn't whilst I was stalling.

But have lost an additional 7cm this week - that makes it 34cm since I started dukan :eek:

So glad I stuck it out, despite feeling tempted at times to cheat a bit. Next goal is to get under 10.7, which is another 4lbs away. Won't have been that for at least 6 years! So excited.

So the moral of the story is, if you are experiencing a stall - stick with it. Increase your exercise, drink loads of water, have a few days on PP and it WILL come off eventually. It took me 13 days of no loss to show a result but the wait has been worth it. :D

Thanks so, so much to all my lovely sister Dukaneers who kept me going and motivated over the last two weeks. Couldn't have done it without you xx :grouphugg:


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thats fab :)