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Just a wee bit about me :) I joined this forum to lose weight for my wedding which i done however i gained it back plus more which is the story of my life but this time i am here to lose it and hopefully get some normality into my life regarding food (well hopefully)

so i knew cambridge worked as had done it before but had never got past the first 2 weeks so i waited till i was in the right frame of mind which was when i went to a wedding with my husband i was at my heaviest id ever been and i was miserable the whole day, i ran away from cameras, my dress burst at the seams coz of my big bum! lol and the way i felt i thought no enough is enough as i felt like i was ruining my life as i was becoming a recluise! :eek: Then the pictures came and i was HUGE! i looked like i was minutes away from birth. So thats what gave me the final push towards CWP.

I started CWP on 9 October at 17stone and lost 32.5lb in 8 weeks then the problems started with my health, i was feeling really faint and i wasnt going to the loo naturally. at one stage i went 17days!!!!! without going at all and had to take 6 laxatives and its been since then ive been trying to on the straight and narrow and having now decided that CWP is the way forward as i was becoming myself again, was getting that confidence back i am getting back on the wagon :) So from the 27th i shall be going back on SS for 64 days as i have a target as going to New York - excited! And i want to take pictures not run away with sheer horror from a camera.

So over the last month or so ive gained 10.5 which in the grand scheme of things isnt that bad as most of it i know will be all the xmas food ive been having.

Tomorrow i am thinking of this as day 1 for me again.

Sorry this post is so long i just think we all have a story and its nice to have a backstory from people as ive been a lurker for a while so hoping this helps keep me on the straight and narrow.
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Hi Natalie, I do so hope you will find that extra bit of motivation so that you can get a happier and healthier life. You are so young to be wanting to hide away and it must have been such an awful experience when your dress split at such an occasion when everyone wants to look their best.
I wish you all the very best for a successful journey in 2012...go to it girlie..you know you can!! ... :)


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Welcome back hunni. I reckon there might be quite a few of us giving Cambridge another go in the next few weeks.

Probably worth thinking about the whole constipation issue up front though (I too suffer badly with this on Cambridge) and working out how to make sure it doesn't happen this time. Consider asking your CWPC about Fibre 89 (it's a soluble powder you add to your shakes to increase the amount of fibre in them).

The other key thing with constipation is to make sure you drink enough water. Lots of people say at this point, "Oh, but I drink loads of water!" but you need to make sure you space it out over the course of the day - that is, it's no good drinking 2 litres of water in the morning then not very much in the afternoon and evening. Thinking about it, I had no problem with constipation the first time around and I think that might be because I always had a bottle of water with me, even while I was watching telly in the evenings!

All the very best with your restart x