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on the up lol
Hi guys n girlz

what is bloody wrong with me lol
its a struggle now ........ not the not eating part, i look at food like evil now (bad yes :sigh:)
But i stuggle to have the shakes ....... i just forget....... sunday had 1 in morning at 10 then went all day just drinking my water about 6 i thought right do kids dinner ...... s**t i for got lunch so had to force my self and then dinner to :eek: (not together)
i was in such a good routine but now its hard ....... i have had to set my fone at times so i dont for get to eat ,
please tell me im not alone on the food thing lol i not feel (normal) at min lol
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Says it as it is!!!
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Awww hunni you are doing fine.... in ketosis, your not hungry and with kids to keep you busy you will forget...the phone alarm is a fab idea xx x x x
You are as normal as the rest of us.... mmmmmm...does that make you normal or strange lol xxx


on the up lol
hhmmm normal or strange......... :whistle: lol
is there such a think as normal lol Now i sound strange :p


Silver Member
I'm struggling too!

I forget all the time then it's eleven at night and I have to have last one!

I tend to have one at 2pm, one at 6pm, then I forget!

Will admit to sometimes only having two a day cause I'm so full of water, but I do feel lightheaded next morning!:)


Posts when she can
I'm the same. And i don't seem to put meals together like i used to.
I have to plan ahead and know what i'm gonna cook. I didn't start dinner yesterday until after 7. It went totally out of my head. Phone alarm is a good idea.
So no sheep ur deffo not alone.


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i know how you feel i could probably go all day with no shakes i never feel hungry iv just got into a routine i have one when i do the kids brekkie, 1 when i do their lunch and the last when iv put them to bed x


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I have to really think about my meals otherwise I find myself in the evening having to have a shake I don't really want.

Someone posted that it would be a good idea to space them like normal meals and that breakfast is a good one coz it starts your metabolism going. So now I try and have my first between 8 and 10am, my second between 1 and 4pm and my last between 7 and 10pm. I'm flexible coz I'm not working at the mo and so my life is a little less structured.

I find it easier to fit in if I have the first one early (well early for me - I'm not a morning person!!! Lol!!)



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I'm regimented with mine... 12.00 for choc shake lunch 19.00 for big soup & 20.00 for choc shake afters... I must have OCD :eek:


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8am - Choc (with coffee), vanilla (with coffee) or Strawberry depending on my mood.

6pm - Chicken Soup

Loadsa water for the rest of the day. Easy peasy!!!

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