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Hi again and help please :)

Hi everyone, it's been a while since I was on the forum properly so wanted to say hi and see how you're all doing. Hope the scales are going down as they should.:)

Also, can anyone give me advice about how to sort my head out please. Last year I lost loads which is great, I'm really pleased with how it's been going and with myself to be honest BUT I'm struggling so much at the moment....

I don't know if I can explain without sounding really stupid but I will try! When I look in the mirror I can see the change, I can feel it everyday and it's wonderful however I'm really struggling with how I look naked. Before, even though I was ridiculously fat my skin was full - now though, despite the fat still there, it makes me feel ill to look at because it's so wobbly and sort of folds in on itself. What's so silly is that I have never been bothered by how I looked in the past, I could quite happily strip off to go swimming or in bed but now I feel awful. The problem is that I know it's affecting my eating despite my best intentions. I'm allowing myself to slip because I'm dreading how much worse I will look when I lose more. Does that make any sense or am I sounding stupid?

Do any of you have any tips for me please? I know my skin is really beyond help and there's not much I can do to firm it up after stretching it so much but I need to sort my head out. The only thing keeping me going is the thought that I can hopefully sort the skin with an op once I'm at target which is great but it's so far away that it's really getting me down.

Sorry for such a selfish post, any advice would be wonderful thank you.:)
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Mens sana in corpore sano

Lovely to see you about! Sorry to hear you're having a tough time of it. You've done fantastically well, perhaps keeping a food diary will help? It's weird, but writing what I eat down can sometimes deter me from going off the rails a bit. Also, maybe just start afresh. I'm doing that right now, just going back to the beginning as if you'd just joined - rereading the books, success stories (even though you are very well on your way to being one), trying some new foods/meals etc.

Most of all, take each day as it comes. Hope that helps!
Hi Laura, Definately only focus on today!!Are you eating a good bit of protein as its very good for muscle tone?What type of exercise are you doing?
Thanks for the support you lovely people.:D

I think you're right Christiana, I need to face it like it's all new again, I will start afresh tomorrow, write it all down and hope that it helps with the control that I have let slip.

I need to up my exercise again priomhoide, I was doing alot (well for me!) up until September but then when the college course started I found I had little time to get to the gym and got lazy again. I've still not got a lot of time but I will do stuff from home - it's down to me to do it, so I just need to do it!

I had some exciting news about university today which has given me a real boost of confidence and I now have a deadline to work towards which I think will help.

I'm feeling much more positive, thank you again for your advice. xx
Well done Laura! You have done super work so far and you can stick with it xx


Hi Laura. You have done fantastically well, but now the hard work begins. It's really now about how much motivation we have to get there.

I was the same as you. I lost 5.5 stone last year but since xmas I just could not get back into it.

Tried a drastic measure but it just made me realise that I was better off following a plan I knew.

I restarted 10 days ago. I changed my stats, forgot about what I had lost and started day 1 all over again.

I have gone back to doing red days ( I know you are doing SW) got some new recipes, started using different things for my heb's and re learn't the plan.

There's not much more you can teach yourself about the plan, from the amount you have lost you are an expert.

As I said it's all about will power and motivation now, how much do you want it. I want it bad so I have to go out and earn it.

Think of it as starting a new college course make it your project to study and re learn.

I hated being over weight at uni so make it another one of your deadlines to lose as much as you can before you go :D

Good luck i'm sure you will do great. x


Mens sana in corpore sano
I was the same as you. I lost 5.5 stone last year but since xmas I just could not get back into it.
Tell me about it. I had pure motivation until the holiday season = 100% tunnel vision. I will never underestimate Christmas again! Almost four months into this year and I'm still trying to get back from that. It feels good to start afresh though. I think this Christmas won't stand a chance...:D


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Sorry for such a selfish post, any advice would be wonderful thank you.:)
tells you off for even thinking its a selfish post. Everyone helps everyone get through the struggles of weightloss and life :)

I don't have any advice to offer you but would like to encourage you to keep pushing forward. You've come so far already. What you have achieved is inspiring.

What your body may look like isn't necessarily how it will look like. ;)

Chin up hun. Hugs xxx
Thank you for the replies.

Soccermom, well done on your loss last year, fantastic! There are so many excuses I could reel off as to why I'm struggling but that's all they are, excuse after excuse - it's down to me and me alone! Thanks for the reminder about uni. I was going to defer for a year but when I was offered the place I decided this year would be better and it's the right decision as long as I sort myself out. I have my motivation but I think I've been waiting for it to be enough rather than seeking out how to make it happen. I am, and have been a bit defeatist in my attitude. I knew when I first started a year ago that my will power would eventually run out so to make the most of it while it lasted and when it ran out I just let it. Grrrr silly thing to do!

Sorry I'm rambling a little, I blame vodka (synned even though I'm waaaay beyond syns now but trying to be honest!) and general brain problems.:D

GLL, thank you for the support. I will try and remember what you said about my body.

Anyway, today is done and tomorrow is another day.


Hi Laura another reason not to defer is the cost from next year. My son is due to go next year :eek::eek:

Glad to see you back on the boards and enjoy the vodka and start fresh monday morning.

You and us know you can do it.x I will be watching and stalking you to make sure you are back on plan :D
Morning Kaye. Eeeeek a stalker, you will know all my secrets before long! :peep::bolt:
You're so right about university next year, it's scary how expensive it will suddenly become in comparison to now. I feel for those like your son who have no option but to pay the extra.

Thanks to everyone who has replied to me, you've given me the kick I needed to sort myself again. I'm off to set up a diary over in SW which I will try and keep updated this time.:rolleyes:

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