Hi All!! 20 M Leeds and needs to lose weight!!

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  1. Rakas

    Rakas Member

    Hi all..

    I am Nathan, i am 21 in a month and six foot four inches in height. I now weigh around two hundred and fourty pounds which is about 40 pounds over the average weight for my height and have come to the realisation that i need to lose quite a lot of weight.

    While my weight has just about steadied in the past year, the past three years have seen a strark change in my weight as a result of beggining my employment and with money, choosing to uses buses and taxis for even short journeys as opposed to walking which has led to me gaining an average of thirty pounds each year over a period of three years, meaning that despite my height, i now am well overweight.

    My aim is to lose seventy pounds over this calender year through a riggorass exercise regime which will allow me to reach my target of just fifteen percent body fat.

    To achieve this aim i will need to lose six pounds per month, which i feel is a realistic target provided that i have the will power to keep to a healthy eating and fitness plan which will involve going to the gym for at least an hour, at least four days each week.

    Starting weight 1st January: 240lb
    Short term aim: Weigh under 225lb at my 1st March weigh-in.
    Medium Term Goal: Consistently achieve at least a 6lb weight loss each month.
    Long term goal: Weigh under 160lb at my 1st December weigh-in.

    Thankyou for any comments!
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  3. KookieDoh

    KookieDoh Ugly duckling going Swan.

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    I'm starting out later this week too! Yikes! Too scary!

    Good luck!
  4. twoshoes

    twoshoes New Member

    Hi all started meal replacement on saturday 2nd Jan... Think I may include some alli to help kick start my weight loss to and spur me on...
  5. kissme

    kissme Gold Member

    Hi Rakas! Welcome to Minimins! Congrats on deciding to chage your lifstyle habits!

    Reading from what you have written, it sounds like your really determined which is great! only thing I would suggest and its definatley from personal expirience (trust me i should know!) is with regards to starting off straight away with 4 hours at the gym a week is quite alot to take on board from the start! this is only IMO i would start 2 days a week at the gym and try 3 days walking for an hour, then after 4 weeks try 3 days at the gym and 2 days walking then after another month try all 4 days at the gym and no walking.

    I'm only saying this so your body is used to the amount of excersise and walking is a good way to get your body used to doing alot of exercise!

    but nice targets! they are realistic which will help you acchieve them!

    And btw with regard to the exercise...... its only my opinon...... the choice is up to u!!!

    Take care and good luck!!!:D
  6. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Hi and welcome. Good luck with the pounds

    Irene xx
  7. Pierce

    Pierce Administrator Staff Member

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    Lol had to write something cause I thought from the glimps at your thread title from the front page was spamming 20meter leads....

    Welcome to MiniMins.

  8. chick10

    chick10 Got To Keep Counting :D

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    Hi Rakas

    Good Luck!!!! What have you had for brekfast and are you on a green or red day?

  9. Rakas

    Rakas Member

    Very bad day today, had a bacon and muchroom sandwich, a portion of chips and a burger.

    Plan on doing quite a bit of shopping after the gym, so should be healthy from the weekend.

    As for exercise, i am still fairly fit in that i can walk the two miles to work in under half an hour, four days a week, so i plan to throw myself straight in.

    Thanks for the comments, keep them coming.
  10. Rakas

    Rakas Member

    Well, another bad two days for me in terms of food as i have eaten pizza and kebab, however i did go to the gym for an hour yesterday, ans plan to do some healthy shopping on monday.
  11. D3bblicious1

    D3bblicious1 Wants to be a skinny mini

    hey wecome to the forum

    everybody has bad days .. yesterday i had a MacDonalds and a Starbucks in the one day HAHA total bad day but the next day that is in the past to think of everyday as a new start if you fail the day before .
  12. Rakas

    Rakas Member

    Apreciate what you are saying.

    At the moment i am actually terying to avoid healthy foods, because i am just eating the unhealthy stuff left in the cuboards, i have been and bought a lot of healthy food, so hopefully in a few days once there is nothing unhealthy left, i won't be tempted.

    I am however going to make sure i go to the gym this week.
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