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hi all am new to all this


hi everyone my name is clair and i started lipotrfile:///C:/Users/User1/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot-1.pngim on the 06/02 :wave_cry: am not finding it really bad only thing am findin is tummy grumblin not sleepin well an am freezing am fantazin bout food but my will wont let me give any tips as today i feel bit tired an shakey xxxx :eek:
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Otherwise known as Jools
Hiya Clair

Welcome aboard :)

Being cold is one of the side effects of the diet - not sure why but we all seem to suffer from it
the sleeping problem might be due to your body adjusting to not having food to digest - its gone a little into shock
The tummy rumbling might stop when you hit ketosis anytime in the next couple of days although some of us have it all the time - not a lot to do about that and as for the fantasising about the food - thats to be expected as you are changing the way you think about food and your brain will try and trick you.

Any tips - well check out the main part of the forum for advice and inspiration. The forum is fantastic and the peeps on here are just brilliant.

Keep busy, drink plenty of water throughout the day, and before you know it you will be at goal :D


Otherwise known as Jools
Hiya Clair - if you click on my weightloss one it should take you to the site to make one. Once you have designed it - copy the BB code into your signature via the User CP page :)


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aw god am finding day 5 hard is anyone else ad similar probs xx

Don't give up, honestly it does get better, I was on this for month and months a few years ago and even though i'm only on day 6 now I can remember when food no longer was the first and last thing I thought of in the day..

Give yourself a chance and you will get through this xx
hi clair, i started on the 6th as well and am finding it not too bad so far. i have great support from my family but nobody at works knows that i am doing this program. i try to think of this a one day at a time and at times one minute at a time. good luck,


must lose twinny belly :)
good luck to both of new starters,
my tummy has got much better now im on day 7, still get a cpl of rumbles at night but if i have a shake a bit later i find that helps xxxxxx