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Hi all.. Any advice?

I'm 5ft 7 and weigh currently 15 stone:mad:..I used to weigh 16 stone 7 pounds a good 6 months ago.. I was wondering if anyone else was having difficulty even though you are giving it your best?:cry:

I am on xenical and drink green tea (just started the tea today) and actually finding I am not that hungry when drinking it:eek:.
Anyway..I excersise everyday have a vinration plate...eat my fruit and veg daily and start my day with a small bowl of special K and skimmed milk daily! plus lots of water.. ( I should be losing weight from all the running to the loo) haha!
I have stayed 15 stone for about 4 weeks now even after all my hard work ( I wont be beaten though) I wont give up!

any advice will do greatly!... what worked for yourselves? was anyone else on xenical and didnt lose?
many thanks!!
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Hi there! Do you count calories to check how much you're actually eating each day? Could you give us a typical day of food for you?

Hope I can help x


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As above would be interesting to hear what you consume on a daily basis.

I tried all manner of diets, but they simple rule in my opinion is less calories taken in, more worked off. The bigger the difference between the two, the bigger the loss.

The difficulty is balancing it in such a way that your body doesnt get annoyed with you. Eating too little is never a good thing.
Hi and thanks for replying!

My typical daily intake is....

Breakfast: small bowl of special K skimmed milk and a cup of green tea, and my xenical tablet.

Lunch: either 2 small pieces of brown toast with a very thin spread of low fat cheese spread..and apple and banana and a muller light yoghurt. xenical again and green tea

dinner: a weight watcher meal with lots of veggies and muller light yoghurt and more fruit..xenical

I drink green tea between meals also and lots of water..
I exersice too.. and use my vibration plate but this fat dont want to shift urghh!

would love to hear your opinion!!:eek:


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Looking at your intake I can't see any reason why you wouldn't losing weight steadily. I completely cut out bread, perhaps try that? A nice tuna salad could be a good lunch, something along those lines?

The only thing left to do after that is to increase the exercise. I swear by morning runs on an empty stomach before a bowl of porridge or some fruit.


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Im gonna stick my neck out here and say that your typical day, and your actual day are 2 different things :)

I know how easy it is to fool yourself into believing you are eating wisely, and accidently not counting the 'extras' we all get tempted to eat, and then totally ignore.

You need to be honest with yourself, after all its your body and you are the one that wants to lose the weight. On the food that you listed, you will lose weight, thats why i beleive there is something else going on. You cant fool a dieter! We have all been there, we have all cheated and then promptly forgot about it :)

Give yourself a fresh start, make a diary and list every single thing that you eat, and above all be honest about it.

I would suggest that you clear out your cupboards, throw every thing away that might tempt you, then make a diet plan and a shopping list, then go shop for 3 days food and stick to that only.

You know you can lose the weight, and you will continue losing, just be strong!


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You've lost 23 pounds! That's nearly 4 pounds a month. You ARE losing weight. Yes it's slower than on some diets but you are losing. It's taken me 5 years to lose this amount (I have a thyroid condition that hasn't helped).

If you want to lose faster you could switch to another diet. I have swapped and changed as I got bored or plateaud. Or just keep going and you'll get there.
I can honestly say I dont cheat or eat anything I should'nt.. I have had my thiroid checked that was fine, I may cut out bread as alex suggested although I dont have that everyday.. tuna salad fr lunch today! soooo me thinks more exersise is comming my way.. I did start walking 4 miles a day but with small children thats difficult now..

ohhh I forgot.. I did have one small square of dairymilk 3 days ago (totm).. but thats all!!
To be honest with you... I'm scared to eat if that makes sense?:confused:

I am not at all tempted to cheat one bit.. at my heaviest 3 years ago I did weigh nearly 20 stone.. so I know I have lost a good bit of weight and I am proud .. but I am scared to eat.. I am constantly thinking about calories and fat ect.. very caucious about what I eat.

at one point I actually started to make myself sick after eating... but I saw sense and realised that was not the way to go..

My cupboards have nothing but healthy things in.. (apart from some treats for the children) I dont even fancy anything sweet or bad.. so I think thats good :)

maybe I am just not doing enough exercise!:whacky068:
Hi, this suggestion might be a bit out there, but are you eating -enough- calories? Your body will object if you eat less than 1000-1200 calories a day for too long, so it might be worth working out the calories in what you're eating just to make sure. As above, I agree it might be worth taking measurement, because particularly if you're doing a lot of exercise you could be losing fat and gaining muscle without realising it!

Finally, if you're really sick of your plateau, it can help to eat more calories (~2000) for a day or two, just to kick start your metabolism.

Hope it shifts soon - Good luck!
That's exactly what I was going to say !!! Daft as it sounds, if you dont eat enough your body can go into starvation mode and hang on to all it can
Just read through your thread- really interesting. Could not understadn why you were not losing but teh idea of too little calories can make sense. There's the idea that eating a lot one day (not excessive, more "normal" ) and then less the next day can lose more weight than the same calories balanced equally over 2 days. I know thta sounds wierd, but I suppose we all need to amke sure we are giving our bodies what we need. Also agree with Alex, mornign runs are great but with kids that may be a problem. A great way is, whatever exercise you do, push it harder every so often, so a minute out of every 5 minutes push yourself to the limit- it can really burn the calories .

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