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  1. jcjazzy

    jcjazzy Silver Member

    Hi everyone, i'd like to introduce myself and ask a question too!My name is Jan and I would like to start a new lighterlife,hopefully in March.I have at least 6-7 stones to lose and have previously lost about 3 stones on weightwatchers.Sadly I have gained 2 of those 3 stones again.I've booked my info session and a GP appt,although I have no idea if he'll support me.My question is would a heart murmur (no treatment required) prevent me being accepted onto the programme.I have kind of set my heart on this and would hate to be disappointed.Thanks in anticipation, Jan x:confused:
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  3. Tange

    Tange Silver Member

    Hi Jan,

    I think this is a question best answered by your Dr. But I would have thought if you did not put strain on your heart it should be okay??? But then I am not a dr. Best ask.

  4. Huseyin

    Huseyin Silver Member

    Well since this does not cause any harm to your heart i dont see a problem personally, most of the time LL just need the form to be absolved is something happens to you.

    If anything this will be good for your heart as cholesterol will be lowered and BP also. You may find that heart murmur is linked perhaps and may improve.

    Of course im no GP, but that is my assumption
  5. jcjazzy

    jcjazzy Silver Member

    Thanks to both of you for your prompt posts.The murmur was caused by my last pregnancy ,and is unconnected to cholesterol levelsor my BP(both of which are fine bizarrely despite my size).I will just need to wait and see what GP says I suppose and hope he realises that being seriously obese is worse for my cardiac status than lighter life.I think LL can potentially affect potassium levels which can affect your heart.I suppose I was looking for someone else to say I've got a murmur and my GP allowed it!!Unrealistic I suppose-just need to be patient and see what he says.
  6. chriBs3

    chriBs3 Full Member

    you've got to get it checked out, it's just not worth the risk!
  7. roundrachel

    roundrachel Silver Member

    I think there are certain illnesses that don't mix well with LL but a heart murmur isn't one of them. I have an arhythmia (sp?) and it wasn't an issue at all.
    It's different for everyone and obviously the doctor will know if you can go onto a VLCD with your problem.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! xx
  8. jcjazzy

    jcjazzy Silver Member

    Thanks Chris and Rachel.I am just hoping that the murmur won't prevent me starting LL as I really feel raring to go! I am sick of being obese for healthreasons and due to vanity!Rachel I am pleased to hear your arrythmia didn't prevent you from doing LL. I hope I will be in the same boat.I am just a wee bit anxious about the GP ,but have an info session just a few miles away on Saturday.I am also considering going to one next week which is slightly further away.I hope LL don't mind people doing this but I want to try and suss out the councellors to see which I prefer.This seems to be such an integral part of LL that I want to make the right choice.Thank you for your support so far.Jan x:)

  9. westiegirl

    westiegirl Gold Member

    It's your choice which LLC you go to - as you say they they are an integral part of the programme so you've got to feel comfortable.

    Hope you get the docs OK to start :)
  10. susianna

    susianna Full Member

    You could contact the medical team at LL and talk it through with them. They will of course say you have to take your doctor's advice, but perhaps they may be able to reassure you that they do have people doing LL with the same condition (or not as the case may be).

    Good luck x
  11. jcjazzy

    jcjazzy Silver Member

    Hi Westiegirl, Thanks for the comment.I was a wee bit scared that going to two different info sessions would be frowned upon.
    Hi Susianna, I didn't realise there was a medical team at LL.I probably will contact them to check out their opinions.
    Thanks.What a great board.Hope you all continue to do well:)
  12. PurpleButterfly

    PurpleButterfly 16lb to go!

    lol I wish I'd checked out all the different LLCs at the beginning. Good thinking!
    And good luck for when you start.
  13. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    I wouldn't have a clue how they would view that.

    They will take notice though.

    When I had my tests done, the nurse heard something funny in mine - I think it was a very slight change of rhythm. She was not concerned but took it twice and noted why.

    I did receive a letter from Medical needing clarification from the doctors. SO they will take notice. But it will probably be fine. They just need to know all about our health and make sure.

    Good luck. :)

  14. jcjazzy

    jcjazzy Silver Member

    Thanks Purple Butterfly! It was more by chance than anything.:eek:I contacted the 2 counsellors nearest my home via the LL website.Then I got a bit miffed they hadn't made contact so had a wee huff to myself.Then decided to act the adult and phoned the one in the town where I live.Got the info and decided to go Saturday.That night I had a phone call from the other one.Had a wee dilemma about which to go to, then decided to try both.£66is alot of money and I want to be slim so I need to decide carefully!
    Did you have difficulty with your choice? And were you able to do anything about it?
    Jan x
  15. jcjazzy

    jcjazzy Silver Member

    Thanks Blonde Logic for you response.This a very friendly board and you have all done so well. I hope I get the go ahead and can join all you slim people soon x
  16. PurpleButterfly

    PurpleButterfly 16lb to go!

    Well I picked the first one on the list which probably wasn't a good idea. Tomorrow will be the 6th session out of 14 on foundation so no point me changing groups now, but for developers and RTM I will most likely change LLCs.

    I think there's a 3 week rule, i.e. groups are still flexible up to 3 weeks into the program.
  17. jcjazzy

    jcjazzy Silver Member

    Oh thats good.I might be able to change then if first one not to my taste!I wasn't sure if that would be allowed due to it being a closed group and the franchise thing.Thanks for the info x
  18. PurpleButterfly

    PurpleButterfly 16lb to go!

    Depending on if the other LLC has a group that's still open of course....

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