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Hi all, I'm back....

Hey, restarted lipotrim after a 5 week break 4 days ago and its going really well.. I had only put on 3lbs in the five weeks which i am really happy about and it gives me the confidence that I am going to keep it off when i reach my goal. I havent found it hard this time as I am in the right head space.. I decided to have a break because I had so much going on and wasnt feeling it.. my two babies were being very demanding and i was feeling weak in myself mentally and physically...
Have been reading the posts these past few days.. I have to say well done to you all, especially chellywellyboot and summergirl.. I think chelly if i had of stayed on I would be looking like you right now hey lol.. but am looking forward to the next five weeks and working my way down the scale.. and well done to you summergirl, you have stuck to your guns and your initial optimism was well placed!! Glad to be back on the wagon.. I had found that my IBS flared up again and was partying hard so glad to be back here and feeling good xxx
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Here we go again!
Welcome back Tasha. Hope your restart goes well and you reach your goal real soon. Well done for keeping off the weight while you were off this too, that's great! Keep glugging the lovely water.
Thanks... am trying my hardest with the water and doing loadsa peppermint tea.. feeling great this morning.. day 5 so the tide had turned.. was soooo grumpy yesterday my partner stayed well away and even the kiddies kept their distance.. tis a beautiful morning out her in the country so taking the wee fella to school, loading up the double buggy and going for a walk down to the lake.. hope ye all have a great dayxxx


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Hi there i'm fairly new to this site and still trying to get to know people and master computerland. If you managed to only put on 3lb while you had a 5 week break your head must be in the right place, well done! Where abouts in Ireland are you?
Hi katy I am in co. galway... I was shocked I put so little weight on, I had convinced myself it was nearer a stone lol.. funny how we 'feel' fat eh... i think the reason i put so little on is my two babies keep me on the go all day long... have a 20 month and an 8 month so the days are long and heavy lol.... Hope the sun is shining in cork x


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Top 'o the mornin to ye Tasha! its sunny but feckin cold here at the moment, i've just finished a night shift so fortunately most of my day will be spent in bed!
omg I would kill something for a whole day in bed lol.. that would be after a whole night in bed as opposed to a whole night at work.. i would say it must be slightly harder if you are working nights.. i wouldnt be able for it, though sometimes when the babs are playing up it can feel like a night shift lol... It is cold here too and a cloud has decended, hopefully it will pass.. roll on the summer eh.. and little shift dresses and skinny jeans yeeeeehaaaaa!!!!!

Hi Tasha. I always find on sundays i am like a weasel . I think its kinda treat day for most people and I have to cook the sunday roast for all the rest in the house and I get very grumpy. The weekdays are so much easier. delighted today is Monday again and looking forward to my WI on saturday keeps me going. P.S I am in Limerick
Hi, yeah I definately remember weekend being harder.. i deliberately got my lipotrim on a friday so i can have the added encouragement over the weekend after a good weigh in!! Limerick.. hope its sunny down there for you.. great town for shopping!!!


Slowly but surely!
Welcome back and good luck :) x
Hi Tasha, great to have you back and bl***y brilliant that you only gained a teeny 3lb in that 5 weeks. Boy, two babies to look after, no wonder you were kept on your toes. Good luck on your continuing journey.
Thankyou, I was pretty amazed myself... One thing i didnt go back to eating was chinese food.. I reckon one chineses meal with all th emsg salts etc. used to put 4-7 pounds on almost instantly.. i aint never gonna eat another chinese meal unless I am in china lol... also... as I said i was partying alot... alot of dancing lol.... I was delighted.. also this morning the new chemist i started getting this round of lipotrim phone me up just to ask how i was feeling and how i was getting on, thought this was a really nice touch.. the last chemist lady couldnt get my name right after 4 visits lol.... x

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