Hi all I'm new and need some advice

Hi all, I'm new to the forums and am wanting some advice please?

I am thinking about going onto lighter life as I have been struggling with my weight for a LONG time, I can't seem to shift it. I am wondering what peoples thoughts are on it, does it work? is it very expensive? would you recommend it?:)
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Hi Mummy2Spud! Welcome!

To answer your questions, yes, it does work - just look around the site and at people's before and after pics! It's not expensive when you add up what you REALLY spend on food each week. You won't need to buy anything else, as you can only drink water/black tea or coffee, and I drink tap water. I added up what I spent on food each week, including bottles of diet coke, take aways, bottles of wine, sweets and chocolate, etc, etc, and I'm probably saving money. When you have over 5 stone to lose, there is no doubt you are spending more than £66 on food!!

I would absolutely recommend it. Best thing I've done in years. I feel great and continue to lose weight regularly each week. Won't be long until I finish abstinence. If I had to lose 5 and a half stone at WW or SW I'd be there all year! I've lost 53lb in 11 weeks and find LL almost too good to be true, but it's not, it's real!! ;-)

Hope you decide to go for it - do something for yourself in 2009 and by April you could be at least 3 stone lighter!

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Yes. You can.
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Definately worth doing!! It has changed my life!! You can see my pics below to answer your question if it works! :D

Don;t let the cost put you off - you will be buying NO groverys for yourself - and no incidentals - lunches out, snacks at the petrol station,d rinkis after work, etc., youwill be saving all that monet, so the 66 quid a week is not as bad as it sounds initially.

Its fast and it works. :)

Go for it!!



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Just coming to end of week 2 but would definately recommend LL.

No hunger and weight seeming to melt away :)

£66 does seem a lot but as said above I reacon I'm saving that much each week in shopping/snacks & booze so no real cost consideration. The groups are also a great idea with plenty of support and no 'judgements'....

My advice - JDI


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Yes, you'll probably save on your food and "treats" bills, and don't forget that the £66 includes real group therapy based on CBT and TA - it's not like the group meetings in other more conventional diets and so by the end you will hopefully have changed your attitude to food and keep the weight off for life!


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Definately worth it. I have been obese for my entire life, literally from childhood.

This has worked for me - and for so many others! I wish I had discovered it years ago - it really really is life changing!

Now that I am buying normal food again, I never realised how much I was spending on normal food....

When you consider this, £66 is a more expensive than you regular food shopping, but not a lot more.

If you ca afford it now - do it. I'm glad I did. I would be kicking myself if I had no money money, but had some before and passed over the chance to do it.


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it certainly does look at the losses some members have had, some people have literally dropped half the weight they have been carrying and some more.

Dont worry about cost, if i said to you give me £800 and i can make you slim, would you do it? :)


Making it all add up
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Nice way of putting it H


It works, and provided you stick to it 100%, it works bl00dy well! :D
As others have said, you only have to look at people's before+during/afters to see what a difference it makes.

£66 a week is tiny compared to my ex-food bills (coming from someone who was spending between £6 and £9 a day on lunch alone), I've been able to buy so many others things instead of food, it's great!
(But you will need to save money for a clothes shopping-spree once you are done, as everything you have will be miles too big! :D )

I can't recommend LL enough, I could go on and on and on about it for hours listing all the benifits and all the ways it has improved my life!

In less than 3 months, I've gone from;

  • depressingly lonely,
  • painfully single,
  • bored,
  • extremely unhealthy,
  • introverted,
  • never wanting to leave the house,
  • hating all my clothes and myself for needing 3 or 4 "X"'s in front of my "L"'s,
  • trouble breathing at night
  • and a constant uncomfortable feeling from what I'd eaten


  • having the confidence to make new friends and revisit old ones
  • happy in a relationship
  • finding new things to do as I am no longer 'bound' to my house
  • loving that I can get nice clothes and liking the way I look in them
  • sleeping like a baby :)
  • energised, full of life, confident, happy, and just better! :D

So don't think about it too much, if you want your fat gone and your life back, then LL will do it faster (and providing you embrace the CBT and TA to change your mental attitudes towards food) you will keep it off! :cool:
Thank you to everyone who has replied, I sat watching a programme on channel 4 last night (half ton son) and saw bits of myself in the young lad. I looked into LL and have spoken to my partner about it, and decided to go on lighter life. I have taken everything you have all said and your positive comments about it in and realised that I need to do this for me and there's no time like the present.

So I want once again to thank you all. You all made my decision easier and once I realised that actually £66 a week is not a lot for a life times health and happiness I knew I had to do this. So all that said I am about to ring the local counsellor and get started on my journey to a new me.

See you all on here lots more over the next few months
I am booked in for my free session so I can find out more info. Just wanted to let you know. (I normally back out of things - not this time)


Making it all add up
S: 20st6lb C: 13st0lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 7st6lb(36.36%)
Excellent news, you won't regret it


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It's the best decision I ever made! Don't be scared and ask lots of questions at your info evening. Let us know how you get on!!!!
I am excited and scared all rolled into one! You were right Huseyin if someone offered me a way to loose weight that would only cost £800 I'd jump at the chance