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Hi All.....I'm new here!

Have been reading this great site for a few days, joined yesterday and now have the time to type a bit about myself.
Now, where do I start?
I have been a yo yo dieter all my life:sigh: I have done them all....you could say I am jack of all diets....and master of none!
I seem to know practically everything there is to know about diet and nutrition and I love healthy food.....but I also love unhealthy food too and I have a large appetite!!
I'm 5' 9 so I am lucky in some ways to be able to carry a bit of extra weight and get away with it but I don't like the way I feel or look when I pile on extra pounds.
My personal ideal weight is 10 stone 7lbs (though I can't remember when I last weighed in at that weight!!) I'm not big built considering my height, but I am your typical pear shape and gaining weight just emphasises the problem!
So, I think WW was my first diet at the tender age of about 19 or 20, though prior to that I can remember having Slim Fast shakes at work, but I think that was more for controlling my weight rather than losing it.
I must add at this point that I only ever seem to go about 2 to 3 stone over weight, I'd love to keep eating but usually at reaching this point I really hate the way I look and feel and that prompts me to go on yet another diet!
So yes, Slim Fast, WW....and then I discovered Slimming World, fantastic!! Eat as much as you want! So I pretty much did that on and off all of my 20's and my early 30's (I'm 39 now) dabbling in other diets in between.
Then in 2004, after gaining approx 3½ stone and the break up of a long term relationship, I started a low carb diet. Had great results, lost all the weight, got down to 10 stone 11½ and felt great!
Kept it off until 2006 whereupon I changed my job(sit down ALL day now, not good!), had a new man in my life and gradually the weight has returned! Surprise, surprise!! Not all of it though, I am pleased to say, but I do have 2 stone to lose.
I joined Slimming World last October in an attempt to lose it and for some reason, it just doesn't seem to work for me anymore (I think my body must be sooo confused!!)
Then, with a new year starting and a holiday booked for February, I embarked on WW (again) with the idea that I can eat what I want but in limited amounts.....lost a few pounds but not fast enough with the holiday looming.....
Now, this is where I will probably get told off (if you are still awake!) I bought some CD from Ebay (have dabbled in CD and Lipotrim previously!) in an attempt to shift some weight before I go on holiday ( I know the weight will all return while I'm away but at least I will feel better about myself at the start of it)
I am starting my 5th day today and am already 7½ lbs down and my uniform work skirt is feeling so much better! I am drinking water for England...no Britain actually!!!
I'm hoping when I return from my holiday that I will continue with CD and hopefully go through the stages of coming off of it gradually and eating heathily and for once in my life maintaing a steady weight......we'll see!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read my tale of woe!!

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Hi Sam :D

Welcome to minimis Sam. I am 5'9 myself so yes a bit lucky as I carry my weight well but still that is a lot of weight to carry ..LOL!!! The people here are lovely and I am sure you will do great. It's my 3rd day (well I had a bit of an incident last night..hahaha...had some pizza but that is another story :p )

Good luck with your weightloss..if you need any help or support give us a shout

oh yeah..I lost 4 stones using slimming world myself but yes it doesnt work for me anymore either..just can't seem to get my head around it anymore..hahaha..hence the CD :D
Welcome Lentil :)


Needs a flattering photo
Hi, welcome on board. Have you found yourself a CDC nearby that you can go to, as you get the support from them and the packs cheaper too. They can also tell you properly what the dier entails as I have heard stories around my office from people who think they know about CD and don't!! Good luck with it and congrats on the 7 1/2lbs already!!
Hi Sam, and welcome.

I won't give you a hard time about buying CD off e-bay, you know the pitfalls!!! BUT, what I would say is have a look on the Cambridge website to see if there is a CD counsellor near to you. They would be able to supply your packs (much, much cheaper than ebay) and give you all the help, support and advice you need. Also, at the end of your CD journey, they would be there to help with the reintroduction of food so that you wouldn't gain any weight. The link is Cambridge Diet home page. Hope this helps, and good luck with your weight loss xxx


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Hi Lentil and welcome.
I paid £42 p&p included so I didn't think that was too bad for a weeks supply of CD from Ebay (not strictly a week for me as I am having 4 sachets a day being over 5' 8) I am guessing its a 'naughty' CDC that sells it as I have bought from her before and she never seems to sell at the rediculously over inflated prices that some people do. Hers are a 'buy it now', so theres no bidding to raise the price. I have to admit, the price that some things go for on there are crazy!!
Bobbin, I am not claiming to know everything about CD but I think SS for 4 weeks is quite easy to understand....and yes, when I return from my hols I possibly will find a local CDC...I have already located a local one from the official CD site.
I must add, that over the years I have always needed the support of a group to lose weight but I lost 3½ on my own last time and I know I can do it again. When I make up my mind to do something, I stick with it (I'm a Capricorn and as stubborn as thay come!! lol). I know its only myself that can do it, no one else can do it for me no matter what advice thay may be giving.
I also belong to another weight loss forum and made some great pals on there (though more conventional WW,SW) which I feel has given me all the support I needed to do it and thats where I'm hoping you guys will come in!
Its a great site and very busy!

Thanks for your welcomes



Totally Focused
Welcome! I am on Day 4 and doing really well - and enjoying it!
Damn you are 5'9 as well Lisa?? Me too me too :D hahahaha..and u are doing great babes so go on count the chickens and the eggs :D :D :D

Its nice that there are a few new starters here!

It seems that most dieters have tried all sorts to lose weight but alot of people tend to shy away from vlcd, low carb diets and the likes. Only a couple of people at work know that I am following the CD as I find you get alsorts of negative comments like 'that can't be good for you' etc! They must believe that carrying around excess fat is good then? Little do they know just how good you feel when ketosis kicks in...I think this has happeneed for me today!! I feel GREAT!
I'm a firm believer that all diets work.....but there is a clause...you have to stick with them 100%. (Booo!) I know thats not always possible and we are only human but as the saying goes...If at first you don't suceed, try, try, and try again!!
You only fail when you give up trying....right?

Good Luck everyone!


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