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Hi all JUDDDers another newbie here


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Good Morning All,

I have been thinking about joining the JUDDDer club for a few days now and this morning i woke up and thought " yep i will give this a go".

You all seem like such a lovely bunch so i cant wait to get chatting to you all.

So my plan is to give this a two week trial. I am however a CD'er so i am fully aware that i might not lose in my first week but to be honest i have most likely refilled up my glycogen stores over the past few days as i have been eating normally since Friday. I will weigh myself in a mo and go from that weight. I plan to weigh in every Saturday or Sunday depending on when my DD falls. I'm going to start a diary in the diary section here so i can enter my foods so please feel free to pop in and say hi and all advice is welcome :D

Anyway so this is my hello :wavey: to you all.
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Helo and welcome Sass, we will have a lot in common cos i've just come from CD. This diet is much much easier although I had week 1 wi yesterday and sts. But I came straight off a SS week. You can totally cope with the dds as you know it is only for one day. Also you don't seem to overeat that much on eating days. I did once but felt so full I didn't want to do it again. I'm giving it one more week too to see if I lose; if not, goodness knows what I'll do. If I even lose one pound I'll be happy though as long as I keep losing.
You have done so fantastically well so far so I'm really hoping this works for us.
How has your weight loss been like on other diets pre CD?


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Hi Broxi

Woohoo Hello, another ex cd'er :D

So far this year i have done Slim Fast where i lost 2 stone but got a little fed up with loosing one week to only gain it back the following so i went over to CD, fab looses but hard on the head and the social life. Then i tried Atkins where i did loose but over the course of the 3 weeks i also managed to gain again so when i went back to my CDC i was the same weight i was at my last weigh in with her :confused:

and here i am now. Reasons for changing are just really that i so sooo like to eat and sometimes that plus meal doesn't quite do the job so to be able to say ow i fancy but.... i will have it tomorrow on my up day sounds idea. I am hoping to be sensible with this. The other thing that worries me with CD is when i do have this urge to eat i tend to crave the bad things because they are a NO NO !! but if i can have and i can control when/what/how much i have of these bad things then maybe that will give me the right tools to maintain. well that's what i hope anyway :D

Broxi i will have my fingers crossed for your next wi hun as i know how disheartening a sts can be. Coming from a SS week though i think that's a pretty amazing result, so well done you !!! Broxi are you exercising on your up days ? I'm not so motivated in that department right now but i hope to start aqua aerobics once my local pool reopens in oct :D
S: 12st5lb C: 11st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 30 Loss: 1st0lb(8.09%)
Hi again, I'm not exercising as got out the habit with CD as had no energy. But I pay a really expensive gym membership every month so definitely need to start. I will be able to on uds no probs- it's just getting the motivation for that too, to start. Oh I just wish I was one of those sorted women. My sister, whom I call super woman, is like that. She has risen to the top in nursing eg, associate director, she has loads of money cos she's been careful all her life, she stays thin, she exercises, her housework is always done, she's a great cook etc. And then there's me! I can't lose weight, I'm unfit, my house is always messy, I'm always skint and spend my money on rubbish. I do have a good job though but that's it!


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:superwoman: Broxi we are all super woman in our own right. :superwoman:

My sister has a tidy house, you would never see it a mess but mine on the other hand.....but i like to think that people would feel comfortable here and can chill but at my sisters she would have her beady eyes watching to make sure you didn't make a mess lol My sister is also slim but i have bags more personality than her and i'm sure that you have many quality's that your sister doesn't have. My mum is also a clean freak and raises an eyebrow when she comes here but its tough, take me as you see me and that includes me messy home :D
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Hi and :welcome:aboard. I lost my weight on CD and know how difficult it is not to eat. This diet is fantastic and combining a CD day and a eating day is just genius:D x
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Hello Sass! Nice to see you here and glad you decided to join us! Nice to have an old slimfast friend on board :D Good luck on your first week hun, I'm sure you'll do fine I find it easier than slimfast so you'll do great x


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Thanks Lady's. I must say i feel kinda good today having eaten and not feeling to guilty for it though i would have felt much better had i have had some good snackage going on in my snacks for today but hayho shopping week this week :D

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