Hi all, may join in your happy band!


Well, incase any of you haven't read any of my posts on the VLCD threads. I'm Lorraine, 32 from wiltshire. I have 3 yr old twins (should be a size 10 really!)
I'm on day 13 of the CD & so far lost 10lbs in my 1st week, looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow to see how i've done this week
I weighed in at a whopping 20st 9lbs when i started :eek: So i have a fair bit to lose.
I'm not struggling as such but i just can't stop thinking about food, i just really want to sit down & have a meal with the family!! Thats the hardest part.
Look forward to chatting to you all

Lorraine xx
Hi Lorraine!

Well done on losing 10lbs - thats amazing! :) Keep up the good work and you will be a size 10 before you know it! How are you finding the cd so far??