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Hi all, newbie here, joining SW soon and need help please

Hi everyone,

i have joined here to see if I can try and stick to loosing weight long term.

the diet that works for me is Slimming world, and I will be rejoining, but to a new group in a few weeks. Currently we are having the house refurbished (we moved into a bit of a wreck in June) and we have no kitchen so are living at the inlaws. Decided to join here now to try and get my head in the right place if that makes sense.

anyway hi to everyone reading this and good luck in your weight loss journey too x
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Hi Leanne, I'm new too and will be joining a SW class once the kids start school.

I'm hoping to be well into the healthy eating when my kitchen gets ripped apart in 6 weeks time, am planning on being very prepared so we don't have to move out.

Good luck and hopefully we can support each other along the way.


thanks mrossa & kally,

wow good for you mrossa, hope your kitchen install goes well and you get what you need organised for it. I should also say that I currently have no hot water, heating or electrics either at the mo which is why we have moved out lol. That said, I still don't think I could stick to SW or any diet really while a kitchen install is being done so I'm seriously impressed with your plans and determination! :)

kally i I loved saw when I did it before it's a brill plan, unfortunately a really good consultant left and we had temp consultants who were not very good. It's also my fault for letting that get to me and using that as an excuse to leave.

I cant ant wait to get back to SW now though. Have you done SW before Mrossa? How long have you been doing it kally? Hope we can support each other to stick to plan and get those results on the scales :)

I have yes, about 5 years ago, I found it to be the best plan for me so am hoping I don't struggle too much with my will power.

Yes its my will power that needs a boost too. I did the plan years ago when it was red and green days. Then I did it when they had the extra easy plan, mixing meat & potato etc on same plate which I really like. Have you done extra easy before?

I think this site will help with the will power though, hope so anyway

Good luck, I've done it for years but think minis is a massively helpful addition for support and motivation. Beat of luck with it.

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Good luck, I've done it for years but think minis is a massively helpful addition for support and motivation. Beat of luck with it.
thank you- eager to get back and hoping extra support here will help give me that extra push when needed
Yeah I did EE and I joined a class tonight. Am hoping if I get about five recipes under my belt and start to enjoy cooking again then the whole thing will be less painful.

How you doing?

Hey mrossa

well done for starting back at SW. Hope you get back into the swing of cooking SW meals again and your group is really supportive. I'm off to buy the SW MAG tomorrow to give me ideas and help get my head in the right zone for when I do join back in a few weeks. SW helped me find a love of cooking a few yrs back and I can't wait to get started with that side of things, certainly initially.

I need to keep the initial buzz for new recipes going, stay off so much junk between meals, plan shopping better and shut up a negative 'you can't keep at it' frame of mind. Another lady on this site has given me a new mantra of 'today I can, I will' and I'm going to repeat and repeat till my negative brain gets the message that it needs to shift into positive!

Good luck in your 1st week Hun, hope it goes well x

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