Hi all , wondering how christmas went for you all ?

Hi, and Hope you all had an amazing christmas . I descided to eat on christmas day and it was so strange . I have been on LT for 9 weeks and havent cheated at all but descided that I needed to eat christnmas day , and I am glad I did !! I had some breakfast ( just sausage , and mushrooms ,) and dinner ( just meat and veg , so kept the carbs down ) and of course pudding .. and although I enjoyed it .. i realised that its not as nice as loosing weight and has made me even more determined to get rid of the rest of my excess weight. The biggest thing I missed is pepsi max .. and I bought a small can ... and I couldnt drink it !! It tasted discusting and i had to chuck it and get some water !! YAY !!!
I am now back on the plan and find it much better than eating .. although it has made me realise how hard it will be to go back to normal eating .. I am going to have to plan ahead :)

How did everyone else get on ? what did you all descided to do and did it work out for you ?
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I didn't eat yesterday. I pulled my cracker at the table, then spent the time the family were eating in the kitchen and did all the washing up. It made it much easier for me and scored me a few brownie points with the sister-in-law. I felt fine then, but it was tougher in the evening when my OH and I came home and neighbours came in for supper - for the first time in months I really fancied ham, cheese & pickles and all the other nibbles. I felt pretty fed up to be honest but I seem to have spent the last week watching people eat, drink and be merry. One of my lovely neighbours noticed I was not myself and reminded me this was the one and only food-free Christmas I would have, and that really perked me up.
I've had a (very rare) lie in this morning - didn't get out of bed till 9.00, and feel pleased that I got through it OK. There are still a few family dos to get through but I'm feeling strong again, and hoping for a decent loss on Monday.

Good luck to everyone else, and hope your Christmases are all going well whether you're eating or not!



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I stayed on LT through the whole dinner thingy. My family don't celebrate it, but seeing as both my parents have a day off, my mum cooks that type of dinner. I just sat at the table writing up my refeed plan for monday while they ate LOL.

Funny though, looking at all the beef, spuds and veg. It was lovely, but I just didn't want any of it strangely :) That's a huge breakthrough for me.