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Hi all


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S: 16st7lb C: 16st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 38.4 Loss: 0st7lb(3.03%)
Hey all

Well not been on much since wednesday as i sts again this week :cry::cry: i honestly dont no why? but i have not been on plan since then :break_diet:.

I find i dont eat enough and tbh i can go all day and have a really good meal at the night. if i have breakfast i skip lunch and then cant be bothered cooking big meal for night, so i was thinking maybe im better off at ww, i no i said i would never go back but i lost 25lbs in 3 months and its took me nearly a year to lose just 10lbs on sw :cry:.

If i would of lost a 1lb this week i would of been fine, i feel i aint getting nowhere and im not expecting it to be fast as i got till 2011 to lose for hols, but i have tried ee and ive not done good on that, green is im eating same all time and red im blooming starving, i dont think there much hope no more :cry::wave_cry: and i dont really wanna go but its taking forrrrevvvvva.

Anyone else like this??? but im getting a$$ out this week and going swimming to see if any different and i no it wont be ill put the weight on (next week, not next weigh in cos been naughty)

help plz or any advice

the reason i said ww is because i had a tesco korma which was 8.5 points yesterday with veg and was lovely and was so easy for a quid and bang in microwave lol and thats all i had yesterday as dont eat until late :confused:

tbh i feel good in self and not guilty that had this rubbish since wednesday but i no the 10lbs would be back before i no it :eek:
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It doesn't sound as though you are eating anywhere near enough. You need to have more than one meal a day, certainly. When you do SW, are you using any of your syns?

Chin up - I think you can do this even though you disagree!

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Sounds to me like your body has or is going into starvation mode hun, one meal a day is not enough and you know it. You have got used to not eating very much and think that's how it is, but you need to make the changes bit by bit to get you into the habit of 3 proper meals a day. I would suggest you try having small snacky type meals throughout the day instead of 1 main meal. You need to keep your metabolism ticking over. I understand what you are saying about STS, I did, but I know I just eat too much for my needs, so I'm working on that, but you need to work on eating more, much more. You know this plan works if its done properly, many many people on here will vouch for it, but you have got to commit to doing it the right way 100% or you are just messing around at it and will go nowhere. I would suggest you ask yourself why you started SW in the first place, what motivated you and whats changed since then. I honestly believe that you can succeed on this hun, you just need to focus on whats going on with you and the not eating part. If you honestly can't face meals in the day, graze on food, at least its keeping the metabolism going. I hope you stick with this, don't get disheartened, think positive and give it another shot. xx


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S: 16st7lb C: 16st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 38.4 Loss: 0st7lb(3.03%)
Thanks, what i ment to say is that i can easily go without meals till night but if you look i have done a diary and i have eaten and thats why im miffed off with sts this week, but as from tomorrow i will carry on as normal and hopefully only put a bit on lol, but tbh i dont really no which meals to go for, i love ee but does nothing for me i tend not to lose at all, but maybe have smaller meals when hungry through out the day as the C said maybe every 2 hours if i need food or fruit, but i do love me pot and meat and like tonight speg bolo i just cant separate them tbh geeesh wish it was just easy lol thanks again :)