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Hi all

Hi everyone.
The nice folks at Google sent me your way, and this looks like a great, supportive reasource, so I hope to become a regular, if you'll have me

I have hyperthyroidsim/Graves disease, of which some of the symptoms *allegedly* include increased metabolism, weight loss and increased apetite....alas, I'm one of the rare 4%ers who enjoys the increased appetite (some days I could literally eat the plaster off the walls I'm so ravenous!)...but sadly not the increased metabolism or weight loss...if anything, metabolically and weight-losswise...my body acts more hypOthyroid, rather than hypERthyroid...the more I try to lose weight, the more the weight clings on for deear life...such is life...I think they call it Sod's Law...?

I also need to have associated surgery, a total thyroidectomy....but my ENT Surgeon won't operate until I've dropped 100 lbs....which I've tried in vain to lose over the last 12 months...and technically I probably have, but realistically, whilst an optimist might say I've lost 100lbs, actually I've just lost the same stone 7 times and I am exactly where I started, give or take a lb or two <blush>...there seems to be a threshold that I just can't cross with regards to weightloss.
I walk at least 30 mins a day, and cycle 3-4 times a week. When my husband and I are aren't busy at the weekends, we'll generally go walking, and can cover up to 8-10 miles at a time.
I won't pretend my normal diet is saintly...but if I'm honest, its not that bad either....even my Dietician is stumped.

And so, after an ultimatum from my ENT surgeon...my GP, backed up by my Endocrinologist, has suggested Xenical...and after reading horror story after horror story I was rather relieved to find this place!

I plan to start on Sunday...when I can be home all day, and can cope more comfortably with any side effects that may come my way, and start to develop a plan for days when I can't stay at home all day.

Whoops, I'm rambling...so I'll stop there...thanks for reading this far...
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Hey and welcome to the forum.
Im on xenical too,I started 6 weeks ago and haven't had a side effect once! So as long as you stick to the 5g fat per 100g/15g fat per meal rules then you wont have any side effects either.
Good luck with your weight loss.
Claire x


But you can call me Elise
Hi there

I used xenical for over a year (and lost over 3 stone - though eventually my body got too used to it and I stuck, or I would still be using it) and the only times I ever had any side effects was when I knew fine well I wasn't sticking to the rules. Try to limit yourself to 12g of fat (15g if you really must, 12 is better - no hint of side effects) per meal and you ought to be absolutely fine. My mum has hypothyroidism and lost a similar amount using it, so it will work if you are careful with it.

I know it sounds obvious, but be really careful if you eat out - salads are useless, for instance, the dressings take you WAY over the 12/15g per meal limit so even though you think you've been pretty good you'll feel all of the side effects (and they are truly unpleasant!).

One extra thing to point out is that due to the time it takes for you to digest food the side effects happen 24-48 hours after you eat the wrong thing - so you acutally would have probably been better starting it sooner rather than later this weekend!

A last tip for xenical is to carry some panty-liners with you or wear them (a bit futher back than the usual position - nuff said!) if you think you may get some side effects.