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Hi All

Hi, I have been lurking on minimins for awhile as I used to be on SW, I have been reading all your posts and diary's etc so thought I would introduce myself. My name is Jo I am 39 and 12 +6 weeks pregnant with my 5th baby:eek: Def not planned as have been on mini pill for 3+ yrs, I have a couple of qustions if anyone can help, I have my 1st appt with MW tommorow and I will be 13 wks (late booking as I didn't find out until 10 weeks) as I am an older Mum and they do the nuchal scan at 12 weeks here, will I be too late for it?
Also I have put on so much weight recently I am determined to lose some before I inevitably put some on, following SW for last 2 weeks and lost 5lbs;) Has anyone continued to lose weight or stay the same on SW? Sorry for all the questions, think I will start a diary just to put all my mad and random worries down;)
Thanks if you got to the end of this post:rolleyes:
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Hey there, welcome to the forum.

I've not done any diet whatsoever since being pregnant so can't assist you really on that front. I've just tried to stuff my face and avoid that myth of "eating for two" lol.

Hope you're well though and looking forward to reading more about your pregnancy :D xx
Congratulations on baby number 5 : ) You'll have a busy house! : )

I imagine the midwife will arrange a scan for you asap really, because you will still have it.

I am 19 weeks pregnant and am starting SW today. You just follow the plan like normal. And for me if it comes down to just staying the same I will be very happy, if I do lose any weight it will be a bonus!

Take care x
Thanks for the welcome both of you:) I am seeing my midwife lunchtime so fingers crossed she will get me in for that scan and blood tests asap, will keep you updated, thanks again.
Good luck with the SW mummytummy, I feel the same really if I could stay around the same weight I would be delighted, really can't afford to put much on as I am my heaviest now:(
I am loving the Berry Berry Soleros at the mo, so yummy and only 5 syns, and 50% fruit juice so sort of healthy too;)


Mummy of 2!
hello :)


i know when i was trying to sort out my 12 week scan date my local hospital said they booked the appointments up to 13+6 so i imagine you will be fine and have plenty of time if the midwife sorts it for you today!

well done with the 5lb!! im 20weeks today and have gained almost 14lb already :eek: havent really held back though so have now given myself a good talking to and attempting to eat healthily and if that doesnt work im going to go back to slimming world too, would be happy to stay the same now, but loosing a few lbs would be a bonus.

good luck at the midwife x
Just got back from the Midwife and not eactly what I hoped for:mad: Will start a Diary and explain there, thanks again for all your replies:)