Hi All


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Been doing Atkins for the last 2 weeks now, reading all the threads here to help, so thought I would pop in and say hi to everyone. 20lbs lighter than I was 2 weeks ago, but of course that will slow down. but a good start though.

For the first week, just really had eggs, meat and Brocolli, and found myself getting a little bored to be honest, then went on to the lowcarbsmegastore site, got a couple of treats and pita breads and it has made all the difference :)


Hi to All :D

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Hi Al and welcome

That is a great start, 20lbs! And it is just the beginning for you - the best of luck - not that you will need luck, weight loss is a certainty on Atkins!



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Hi Al. Wow a great loss to get you going. Suggest you have a look at the recipe sticky for ideas to spice it up. Probably better to have lots of interesting stuff to keep you on track than get bored. Also some people find the diet foodstuffs stall them so be careful with bars and things

Good luck and look forward to hearing more!


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Al, that is amazing, its given me some hope. Did you excersise at all?


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Well done on your loss so far. Maybe have a look on the what we are eating today thread. Also google 'lindas low carb recipes', it's a life saver. I use it all the time to get idea's.


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impressive start, well done!


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Wow, that's the best loss I've ever heard! Good on you Al, stay as clean and green as you can, and as few of the junky low carb substitutey-type foods and you'll keep doing well on Atkins. :D

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Wow, a fantastic start to Atkins, great result! x


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Brilliant mate, well done


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Hi Al, and welcome mate. Have you read my stickie at the top, it gives a list of legal veggies mate, that should stop you getting bored. :)


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Hi Al and well done on a brilliant start.


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Welcome!! Fabulous loss and definatley check out the recipes they really help you spice things up! X


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Morning Al, how's things mate. :)