Hi all!


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Just thought I'd announce my presence here and say hi to all!

No real news! Although I am currently languishing on my sofa feeling v sorry for myself. Why? Because OH was having a nightmare and punched me in the stomach! I'm not joking! He feels v v guilty, which i am milking for all it's worth. He has done something similar in the past - once i woke up and he was rubbing his stubbly chin all over my face whilst laughing (and fast asleep)! It's tres bizarre - has anyone else had experience of this?
Lol hiya Dom!!! DH has dreams about being a cat and uses me as his scratching post - and yes, I milk that for all I'm worth too!! :D
Aaaah! Bless im! DQ - do I know you from DH?
I do talk a lot! Was just reading the trip down memory lane thread and laughed a lot. Which hurt even more. Poor meeeeeeeeeee!
Oh dear, Dom! Sorry to hear of your nocturnal mishap!

I would demand diamonds as recompense, personally lol! Hope you feel better soon, babes!
Not a diamond, an Island!!
P.S. am peeved you have marylin as yr avatar, cos i lurve her and now i can't have one!!!! No fair!

D x
Hi Kam - it does actually bloody hurt! I'm gonna go back to work tomorrow though, just try not to lift anything.
No fair Isobel :(
Hope OH is pampering you then!!
Weird what some people do when they are asleep! Mate of ours once ripped off the radiator while dreaming his sister was caught under a car!!
Wishing you better.
Kam x
I've never had any experience of hubby doing anything like that in his sleep but I do have the idea stored away in my one remaining braincell for future use when he pees me off ;)
Hi Dom

Glad you made it over!

I once bit myself in my sleep. I was dreaming that a bully on the bus was picking on my brother so I went to help him. The person grabbed me from behind so I bent over and bit him hard on the arm. Woke myself up! Thought I had dreamt it all but saliva and teeth marks on my arm proved me different! :eek: Nice bruise there later in the day!
Lovely to see you Dom!

My husband kicks in his sleep and one time when I was slim and staying in this old hotel with a bed just as old, I fell into the hollow of the bed and woke up with him lying on top of me...it could of been romatic but the fact that he was on his back says it all!

I was just filler for his good night sleep! LOL

Love Mini xxx
Thanks sarah! Poor you biting yourself!

Chicken - brilliant!

Isobel - I tried to find one of marylin manson, but they were all too scarey! I do actually like him too, what with being a closet metaller and all.

Kam - I made him buy me Phish food! Ha!

Mini - I read that at work and people wanted to know why I was cackling and holding my tummy going 'ow ow owwwwww'!