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Hi atkins people!!

Cool ok. Thanks hon! X


This is for life
Definitely yes. Think you are usually advised to start on owl rather than induction so you can get in things like nuts faster:)
Lol twoooooooo! Yummy!!!


This is for life
The most recent Atkins book (A New You) has lots of advice for doing the plan as a vegetarian. I follow veggie Atkins, with great success. Get a copy of the book from the library initially or, much better of course, buy one cheap on amazon!

Many people still think Atkins is all meat, meat, meat and meat but it truly isn't and it has changed and adapted in countless ways over the years, whilst still retaining the core low-carb principles.

Losses won't be VLCD-style, though! This is not a superfast loss diet, rather it is a new and wonderful way of eating and also of relating to food. And it offers ketosis, plus tasty grub. What's not to like? lol.
Thank you so much! This is really helpful! I like the ketosis part f vlcd but realise it's not going to be a lifestyle I want-how long can I go ss without wanting to give up. This might be a more realistic lifestyle change. Something I want to look into definitely! Thank you!! X
I moved from CD to veggie Atkins and have never regretted it. It is perfect for maintenance, too. I think the carb restriction of VLCDs can be an ideal basis for the gentle slide into Atkins, which of course has more calories but far fewer carbs. It balances out very nicely.

Have a peek at The Atkins Community website. Great forum, and lots of information about the various phases and what should be eaten, and in what order.

I honestly believe that Atkins is the natural home of the carb addict. This way of eating gives us back our lives!
Fab! Thanks hon!! X

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