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Hi Everyone I'm the new girl!


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Hello! wasn't sure where to post my first thread hope this is okay!

I'm back with slimming world after a 5 year break :eek: now carrying an extra 4 stone to show for it too!! I've managed to get down from nearly 16 stone to 14.3 on my own since Christmas but just kept hitting the 14 stone barrier and couldn't get past it no matter how hard I tried! Then I lost all focus and spent 2 weeks eating everything I had denied myself for the past few months and piled on 9lb!!!!:argh: I knew I'd be back to square one if I carried on so here I am! and 4lb away from being in the 13's which I haven't seen for a loooong time! I hope with your support I can reach my goal and hopefully I can help others reach their own too!

Just wanted to say how wonderful all the before and after photos are, they were a real inspiration to me to get back to slimming world! I hope I can be there one day!!!

Thanks for reading :)

Beth :)
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HUGE welcome to you and WOW what a great loss to do on your own! You've joined Slimming World at the right time and you will break that 14st barrier in no time! The plan is even better than before and I'm sure you'll really enjoy it. Welcome to the club!
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Hey hey, welcome.. you sound focused and prepared to loose all the weight.. i wish you the best of luck and let us know how you get on :) x


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Gosh you've done well on your own! Well done! Now you can get to target with us! Good on you for coming back!


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Hi and welcome good for you. Now you have new friends to join you on you weight loss journey.


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Hello Beth i am in my second week of slimming world i was 16 stone a few years ago quite similar stories to be honest
I got down to 14 stone 7lb then then i got down to 13st 10lb then i joined slimming world i lost 4 lb my first week so i am quite happy
Were in wales are you ? i live in wales too lovely aint it
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welcome you have done great so far.


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Hello Everyone!

Thank you so much for the lovely welcome :) sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you!

I'm currently living in Pontypridd in South Wales (you might have seen us on the news recently with the flooding!)

I'm feeling more determined than ever! and I've made sure everyone knows I'm on a diet, I've tried hiding it from everyone in the past, not to have the worry about letting other people down when I fail! But I'm proud this time to be tackling it because I know Im going to succeed after so many half hearted attempts I've had enough!! :D

Thanks again everyone your all fantastic! :)


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Welcome Beth and i hope that you will be very happy on this forum. I personally love everyone on here. There is always someone who can help with a query no matter what it is.
Good luck xxx


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Hi again Beth thats great that you determined and you have got your family behind you

I am going to lose this weight if it kills me :D

I live in aberdare area

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