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  1. truckerlad

    truckerlad Member

    Just wanted say hello to everyone just found this website. Im on the total solution just started today :eek: I am 5'10 and 17 stone 3lbs dont really know what my ideal weight should be? I am quite stocky so this takes abit out of it I think. Anyways hi again:D
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  3. Yes I Can!

    Yes I Can! Well-Known Member

    Hi - hope you're finding it ok :) if you find the first days tough - stick at it- you'll soon get through. Drink lots and keep us posted on your losses :)
    Good luck x
  4. Itsokay

    Itsokay Member

    Hiya, starting exante tmrw. Have started n stopped lots of times. I am hoping this time I manage to stick to it. Good luck n keep us posted .
  5. Itsokay

    Itsokay Member

    Hi truckerlad am also 5"10 and I weight 19st 5. Am hoping to lose 8 st 5. I am starting exante total tmrw. Keep me posted on ur progress. Good luck.
  6. truckerlad

    truckerlad Member

    Hi thanks for the comments everyone, gd luck to you all aswell on 2nd day now lol
  7. ickle.pickle

    ickle.pickle Member

    Hello! I started for the first time last week, on my 5th day now. I did find the second and third day a bit of a challenge, I had a banging headache but knew this was probably the first signs of ketosis. I feel ok now though! Crossing fingers that this gets the weight off, I can't see how it can't if followed 100%! Good luck with your weightloss!
  8. mrsblobby38

    mrsblobby38 Well-Known Member

    Good luck truckerlad, I am staring on monday :)
  9. Le5ley

    Le5ley Well-Known Member

    Hi Truckerlad, Looking at the Lighter Life website, it looks like you could aim for 12st 6lbs for a healthy BMI, however if you do a lot of exercise and build up muscle then you would be better going by a size of clothes that you want to fit into as muscle weighs heavier so throw's out the BMI calc. Here's a link to their website for the calculator if your interested BMI Calculator | Calculate your Body Mass Index | LighterLife I think a lot of people think the BMI calc is a bit low. So I'm realisically aiming for a bit higher than my ideal weight. Good luck, I hope it's going well for you :)
  10. Cherrypieness

    Cherrypieness Member

    Good luck! I have been 'trying' to start since last Thursday. Other half did and he is doing really well. Not sure why I keep putting it off, it's the excuses that got me like this in the first place!
    I'm 19.0 and 5'10. I would like to get to around 12.5, so a long way to go.
    Going to try and start tomorrow.
    If at first you don't succeed try try again?
    Good luck for your weigh ins and well done :)
  11. truckerlad

    truckerlad Member

    Hi everyone and thanks for the encouragement :D

    So its now Tuesday evening (Started saturday just gone) I am still 100% going in and doing 20 mins fitness evolded on the xbox with weights a day (missed yesterday) I started this weighting 17'3 stone I bought some scales sunday just weighted myself, I know your only meant to do it once a week but meh

    So im now 16'7.5 stone so thats a 9.5lbs lost!!!! Seriously I mean thats just 4 days :D

    So everyone keep it up:D

    (Think i've worked that out right)
    Can that be right?? :/
    Last edited: 29 January 2013
  12. 11StoneTarget

    11StoneTarget Well-Known Member

    Well done Truckerlad!

    Cherrypieness - I'm sure you'll get the motivation you want. You and are are about the same height and weight so I know how daunting the task is.

    Good luck all! :D
  13. Le5ley

    Le5ley Well-Known Member

    Well done Truckerlad, that's fantastic! Guys tend to lose the weight much quicker than girls, so it's probably right. What game are you doing on xbox? I wondered if any of the fitness games were good...
  14. truckerlad

    truckerlad Member

    It's fitness evolved 2012 one using Xbox kinetic its quite gd but think I might sign up local gym
  15. Le5ley

    Le5ley Well-Known Member

    I might have a look at that one. I had tried the demo for the biggest loser game, but I'm also probably going to join a gym!
  16. e55ex_girlie

    e55ex_girlie Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome :) I'm on day 3 of a restart I'm doing ws as I go to the gym I do need some sort of food throughout the day or I feel so light headed . Hope ur all having a great day xxx
  17. mrsblobby38

    mrsblobby38 Well-Known Member

    Good luck everyone x
  18. truckerlad

    truckerlad Member

    hi all hope everyone is doing well, so its Tuesday, a week and 3 days over 100% and im down to 16.1 stone :D

    God knows how much more im going lose if i can stick i,t this is start 2 week out of 4 but definitely craving real food now lol
  19. Le5ley

    Le5ley Well-Known Member

    That's fantastic, well done!! :)
  20. fionapullan

    fionapullan Well-Known Member

    I am thinking of starting soon when I have the funds...did anyone buy the 4 week pack?
  21. truckerlad

    truckerlad Member

    cheers peeps.

    Fiona, I got the 4 week pack and its been fine :D

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