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Hi everyone

S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Just peeping over the parapet to say Hi. I've been in the most dreadful place since Feb 8th when I made the HUGE mistake of having a Depo Provera contraceptive injection. Three months worth of progesterone in one shot has done me no favours ... the side effects were horrendous and included PMS that gave me mood swings that would make the Incredible Hulk look like Mother Theresa and ... worst of all ... I've gained almost 3st in 8 weeks. :cry:

Anyway, I'm on the 'home straits' ... the jab wears of at the end of April and I can feel the effects easing. I've had to face up to the weight gain and get a grip so I'm having another go at Cambridge - starting SSing this morning with some left over packs and have an appointment with my CDC for Monday.

I've also joined a brand spanking new gym (just need to get around to booking my induction - procrastination being my biggest hurdle here!)

So hello to all my friends old and new. Hopefully I'll be posting more frequently: I just didn't want to bore you all with my whinging and my depressed mood.

Hugs :)
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I had the same thing when I tried to SS with a brand new Mirena - sent me completely dotty!! I do sympathise, hun! But I'm so pleased that you're feeling a wee bit better and hope you continue to feel stronger and more able to get back on that fecking wagon!

It's lovely to see you back, doll!

S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Thnka Izzy. You still got the Mirena or did you have it removed? I have to work out what I'm going to do after the Depo wears off. I certainly won't be having another jab - that much is certain! lol


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Hi Debbie,
Sorry to hear that you have had such a rough time :( but glad you are back on track now :)

I kept putting off joining a gym in Hampshire as I thought we would be moving so quickly but we are still living with relatives and Cornwall feels miles away ! I could have done a 3 month membership by now ! Never mind. I am sure it will good once you have done your induction thing, it will probably motivate you to have a go ! Good luck with it.

Thnka Izzy. You still got the Mirena or did you have it removed? I have to work out what I'm going to do after the Depo wears off. I certainly won't be having another jab - that much is certain! lol
I've still got it - after the horrid insertion, I don't really want to mess around having it taken out lol - it seems to have settled down quite a lot. I don't know what I'll do after it runs out - maybe then it'll be time for the big op to get me tubes tied but it just seems a bit too final for me! I'd like to kid myself I'll still be of child-bearing capabilities when I'm 47! lol

Sad, I know! lol



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S: 17st3.0lb G: 10st0lb

Great to see you - funnily nough i was thinking about you today. Was looking through some old threads and wondered how you were doing.

Sounds like you've been through a complete nightmare. I have a couple of friends who went through a similar thing so i really feel for you.

You better start posting lots!!

I'm into my restart but finding it rock hard. Have 3 and a bit stone to lose and just wish it would come off overnight!!

So pleased to see you back - i've missed you. x
Hiya {{{{{{{{Debbie}}}}}}}}

I'm back too :rolleyes: Hunny, I can relate totally to what you are going through. I had a few Gynae probs a few years back and my consultant decided in his infinite wisdom to inject me with a massive dose of Progesterone. I then gained so much weight that I went from my usual size 10 to a 24 in just six weeks :eek:

I was living on apples and couldn't understand what was happening to me as I felt so ill. Anyway, the long and the short of it was that he had flipping well overdosed me and given me enough for a huge effalump. There was so much of it in my system that it took about 4 years to get rid. Then suddenly my weight just fell off & I was back in a 10 :D

I stayed like this for quite a few years but then had a hysterectomy which fuddled up the natural progesterone and made me gain again. At least now it comes off - albeit slower than it does for most other people.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you WILL feel better once it's all gone hunny and it's so lovely to see you again :D You were one of the 1st people I looked for when I came back ;)

Big :hug99: to you xxx
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Thanks for the lovely messages. It's good to be back :)

I identify with the weight gain thing Brightness ... I piled the weight on despite limiting myself to eating ONLY porrige oats and cottage cheese - what's that about?? My extra big belly would feel a little more justified if I'd pigged out on pizza and ice-cream! Gaining 3st in just 8 weeks is a scary experience - I needed to put the brakes on PDQ and the best way to do that at the moment is to get myself back onto Cambridge.

I know restarting is tough ... I've never actually been able to SS successfully on a restart. I'd like to SS for at least a week though to 'break the back' of the problem and then if I'm struggling, move to 790 rather than give up altogether.

Glad to be back amongst friends :)
Debbie just don't panic if your losses are slower than they would usually be. Even now, mine aren't what everyone else would expect. Blardy progesterone, these flipping docs take our lives and sanity into their hands and do as they darned well please grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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Hiya Debbie. Good to see you back :)

Sorry to hear about your bad spell :( I've heard so much about this injection making people put on weight. Arrrggghh, so annoying for you:mad:

Best of luck with your restart anyway. Sure you'll have that weight off again shortly, especially when the injection wears off.
Ooh Debbie - lovely to see you back on the boards again, I was beginning to get a bit worried.

Bloody hell gal, that Depo thingy really means business doesn't it.:eek:

Hopefully once its out of your system the weight will fall off again, especially if you have got back to CD again.

Lovely to see you posting again, and again, a HUUUUUUGE welcome back:hug99:


S: 13st9lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.5 Loss: 2st4lb(16.75%)
Hey RD!!!! How's uni? How's today going for you?

I had the depo before.........made me want to eat everything!! darn thing and I was gross all the time. On the patch now...much better, it's like the pill but it's a plaster you change once a week. Never heard the depo to be such an evil fecker before!! poor you!!:(

Onwards and downwards hey!!?


Hopefully you'll be happy chappie
S: 18st11lb C: 12st4lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 6st7lb(34.6%)
:bliss: Yeayyy!!!! Debbie's back! :D

I've thought about you SO often and wondered how you were getting on. Like loads of others on here, I've really missed you and I'm so sorry you've had such a rough time over the past few months :hug99:

Putting on that amount of weight in such a short space of time sounds genuinely scary, but getting back to SS'ing (however tough it may be in the early days) is easily the best - and fastest - way to get it shifted again.

Reading all these horror stories of contraception problems makes me SO glad that I'm passed all that malarkey now. Mind you, not that I've ever used anything in the past 17 years anyway :whistle:

Lots of love - and welcome back!!


Busy busy busy!!
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Lovely to see you back Debbie. It wasn't the same around here without you!

Good luck with restart ..... on that road myself at the moment!
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Day one has been much as I expected - quite tough! lol
I know things will get easier and I also know if I get too pendantic, things start to go very wrong as a restarter. When I began my CD journey last year, I wouldn't even lick a crumb off my finger and went SS for 6 months solid.

I don't have the same burning desire to lose weight - I just know 'it has to be done'. If I start to wobble, I fully intend to switch to 790 rather than abandon my effort altogether.

I just know I can't give up and have to carry on chipping away one way or another.

As for Uni ... I can hardly believe I'm almost at the end of my first year (I finish on May 4th). The summative assignments are all piled up and have to be done in the next three weeks ... I'm playing 'Lastminute.com' as usual!

I'm about to sign up for another course over the summer hols ... an intensive TESOL course (Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages). If I pass then I'll have an internationally recognised qualification and now that Europe is opening up and we have more Eastern Europeans coming to our shores, there is an ever increasing need for people to teach them English. Would just be another string to my bow :)

Anyway, on to day two ...
Wow. Go you!

I leave assigments to the last minute, too. I can't seem to get out of this habit.

Good luck with your diet AND your studies.
Flipping heck Debbie, it seems like only yesterday that you were saying you WANTED to go to uni! I am in shock!
Debbies Back:bliss:


Hey RD, Missed you tons and tons

My goodness, Its so good to see you.:D:clap::wavey:

Sounds like you have had a rough time of it hun, I really do hope you are over the worst now.

Well done for day one, and you are right, it can only get easier.

Keep posting hun, We've missed you x ;)

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