Hi Everyone


starting again!
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Hi Everyone,

Wanted to introduce myself, Im Becky and will be starting on Alli next week, probably 7th. I've also made an appointment to see the doctor the following week to see if I can get Xenical on prescription.

I have decided this is it, weighed myself the other day and was horrified that i weight 16s 9lb - I've been kidding myself that I'm not putting on weight.

So today I've started, am going to try slimfast with a meal to start with and see how i get on from there, I'm hopeing that the Alli will help me stay on the straight and narrow.

All of your posts are really inspiring as you're all doing so well, I hope some of that rubs off on me!!

I'm going to also start a diary so will use this to keep track.

Hope to 'speak' to you all soon :)
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Gonna do it this time
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Good luck. We all know exactly how you feel, you just get to the point where enough is enough and you need to do something. I've tried everything and never stuck to anything but have found Xenical has really kept my mind on things and I've lost 21 lbs so far. Even with my binge over Christmas, when I stopped taking the tablets, I've found getting back into the swing of things not too bad.

I've found everyone on here really supportive and helpful and I'm sure you will too. Keep posting it really does help.

I hope you get on ok with your GP but I think you should get a prescription ok.

Take care.



gunna be a fatty for ever
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hello and welcome to minis!

Id defo get down and see your gp! alli costs an absolute fortune!

lookin forwards to reading about you and an ur journey!

love katie

Short for my weight

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Hi Becca,

Welcome to the Xenical Forum and good luck with your weight loss. If you follow the advice on Pink's Sticky you won't go far wrong.

I look forward to hearing how you get on.
Shorty x


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hi and welcome!!
Im on xenical and slim fast so if you have any q's just ask!! Good luck with it and if your dr has any sense and your blood pressure is ok im sure you wwill get a prescription!! Its the best thing to have happened to me, and i am happy to be losing weight!!!

Keep posting!!!


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hi and welcome, ul like it around her, im pretty new and i find it a great place, keep posting and reading as it really helps, i find wen i dont come here for a day or so i loose focus, so keep reading hun ul b fine

good luck x


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welcome and dont worry dont think about what you are njow think about what you will be =D... you can do it .. and we are a good bunch here almost like a mini family .. id be lost without the girlies xx